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Tuesday, 18 March, 2008

Munqui Instances

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This isn’t a gripe. Honest

I’ve not been in an instance with a Munqui in ages, clinic not since Scarlet Monastery I think. This is mainly my fault. I don’t advertise in guild chat when I’m looking for a group, and I never seem to be available when others advertise or there’s an organised event going on. I’m really going to have to do something about this now that I’m back doing dungeons again.

Being an anti-social person isn’t fun.

Not much to say.

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So far I’ve quite liked the Outlands, tuberculosis the mobs behave differently, buy information pills and, best of all, the instances are short. The last instance I ran, Blood Furnace, took 1 hour and 40 minutes. Fair play we only wiped once, but we did have a couple of brb (be right back) eating style delays. Add an extra 30 minutes on top of that for getting the group together and you still have something that can actually be played in an evening, after doing the horses, and eating in a social manner with my girl friend.

Now I’ve been here a while, I’ve had the confidence to re-spec mostly into what will almost certainly be my end-game role, this is because Level 70 doesn’t seem so incredibly far away anymore. Re-speccing restoration has certainly given me much needed practice in healing and pushed me into instances where I’m having more fun than simply soloing.

I’m still learning the healing trade, the two most recent lessons I’ve learnt are

  1. Use those trinkets to boost long lived spells/totems
  2. Once you have started casting your next heal you have a couple of seconds to be picking the next player to heal / cycle through F2..F5.

I’ve just moved into Nagrand and have been suckered into doing the kill 80,000 poor innocent beasties quests. Now I know I’m a bit weird, but I don’t actually like killing things that don’t want to kill me first. I’m seriously thinking of abandoning these quests and looking for others to do.

Oh, and I’ve been referred to as Flower Power in chat, which is kinda nice.

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