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Wednesday, 19 March, 2008

Pride comes before a fall

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Did an Underbog run last night, pills it did not go well. We didn’t even manage to down the first boss despite several attempts! To make things worse, there was another Munqui guildie there to witness my humiliation. The trash pulls went easily, it was the boss that got us.

The last attempt on the boss was the best, we got him down to 17%, this was the fight where the DPS throttled back on the early damage and lasted the longest. Ironically this was the attempt where I died early on in the fight because of mushroom damage. I’d had to chase after the melee when they went out of range, and this put me in the middle of the explosive mushrooms that they had just stepped out of. It’s just about within the bounds of possibility that had I not died so early we might have actually downed him. Then again maybe not.
Damage to me in last fight:

  • 2 hits from Underbog Mushroom’s Spore Cloud for 1155 and 1243
  • 3 hits from Underbog Mushroom’s Spore Cloud (DoT) 392*3
  • 3 hits from Underbog Mushroom’s Spore Cloud (DoT) 864*3

That’s 6.1k damage in 12 seconds!

Hungarfen hits for about 500 per second.
According to WowWebStats I heal for about 450 per second during fights.
According to WWS I can spam HealingWave for a little over 1.5k per second. If I spam chain heal I get around 300 Hps, though I manage less than this because of target selection, moving etc.
Unfortunately in addition to Hungarfen his Underbog Mushrooms were also effectively putting out about 650 DpS.


The damage from the Mushrooms is Nature damage, so a Nature resistance totem may have been more useful than a Mana Spring or Healing Stream. Thottbot recommends a hunter’s Aspect of the Wild, which doesn’t stack with the totem. Also druids have Mark of the Wild and Gift of the Wild which does a similar job, and might stack with the totem. Certainly when Gift of the Wild was active about half of the mushroom damage was being resisted. Unfortunately I usually let the druid die very early on in the fights.

When I could focus heal a single target, i.e. after almost everyone else was dead, I could get pretty close to out healing Hungerfen’s damage, though even then, obviously they still died.

Possible tactical changes:

  • Drop a nature resistance totem
  • Start the fight near the boss and walk backward towards the healer so that they are always out of the mushrooms
  • Maybe use an Earth Elemental to tank the fight for a bit
  • Hold off DPS until the tank has a good aggro lead, this should make focus healing easier. I think this may be more important for paladin tanks as I believe they need hitting to generate aggro.
  • Make a macro to target the boss’s target, that way I can focus heal the player who’s going to be taking the most damage. I guess it’s going to be something like assist targets target, or targetstargettarget
  • Maybe get a pet to automatically attack the mushrooms to reduce the amount of damage they do? Is there a way to get a pet to aggressively target anything except a particular mob?

The Party
Getz 62 Human Protection Paladin [no guild] (490) 8.6k armor (55.8%) 5359/3545
Deeky 65 Human Demonology Warlock [Munqui Tribe] (538) 5923/5387
Flowersz 66 Draenei Resto Shaman [Munqui Tribe] (576) 4961/5971 +550 healing
Shariaati 65 Draenei Enhancement Shaman [Cookie] (498) 5341/4322 2.7k armor (25%)
Grownyer 66 Night Elf Feral Combat Druid [Nordic Alliance] (594) 6967/3772 2.2k armor (20%)

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