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Tuesday, 25 March, 2008

Changes needed

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After trying to heal a few Slave Pens pugs I think I still need to make some changes. Many things have contributed to this.

1. I’m getting low on mana during the boss fights, tadalafil occasionally going completely out and having to heal on my mp5 regeneration, this means a backup healer is needed though there often isn’t one available.

2. If I fight in my “normal” enhancement gear I get low on mana and/or health quite after most fights. The few times I’ve fought in my healer gear I seem to end up with a good health and mana pool after each mob. So my healing gear seems to be more than making up for the fact that the mobs don’t go down quickly. This is suggesting that my few points in enhancement aren’t contributing enough to make it worth fighting in enhancement gear.

Changes to do:

1. respec completely out of Enhancement. I lose

  • Lightning Shield which isn’t too great a loss as I now rotate Earth and Water Shield to top-up whatever needs topping up.
  • Shield Specialization which is nice, but not at all useful in dungeons.
  • Shamanistic Focus – this is a good talent, but needs too many points in enchancement I think, a bigger mana pool and Mana Tide should be able to offset this loss.
  • Thundering Strikes – coupled with Shamanistic Focus this was also nice, got to go though.

I gain:

  • Mana Tide – this will give me 25% of my mana back in 12 seconds. Essential for the end of boss fights.
  • 5% less threat
  • much better “pushback” resistance, so I can heal while being hit
  • 25% Better healing and mana spring totems – which is not insignificant, though not a deal breaker. This is needed for Mana Tide anyway.
  • More bag space.

2. Change my normal fighting gear to use most of my healing gear with a few concessions to damage output. Possibly lose the shield and go for a 2 handed axe. This will empty my bags somewhat as well.
3. Find more Intelligence gear. Likely suffixes are Eagle (Int+Stam), Elder (Stam, Int, mp5), physician (Stam ,Int, Heal), or possibly Invoker (Int, Spell, spell Crit)

With my current +heal heavy build I’m banging out big heals which is nice, but not as useful for “topping-up” which is needed in at least one boss fight in the slave pens.

A quick diversion into mp5 verses intelligence. Looking at a boss fight

15:06:32 fight starts
15:07:46 out of mana
15:07:52 drink a mana potion for 2.8k mana (a little less than half my mana pool)
15:07:55 first party member dies
15:08:20 second party members dies
15:08:37 I die (I still have a little mana at this point)
15:08:46 tank dies
15:08:59 last party member dies

The fight lasts 2 minutes 30 seconds, I’m alive for 2 minutes and oom at 1 minute 15 – I chug a mana potion soon after. Admittedly I didn’t run out of mana again, but only because I died first. It does show that I should drink a mana potion earlier, that way  might just have time to drink another one before the end of the fight – if I live that long.
So mp5 calculations:

in 2 minutes I’m getting 30*24 mana back =  720 mana – a little over 1 Healing wave

For Intellect to give me this much mana I need 720/14 intellect = an extra 51 intellect.

The standard ratio on itemization seems to be around 2 healing  for every 1 intelligence, so I’d lose around +100 healing for this much mana. I can live with that I think. Alternatively I can buy intelligence enchantments, since I don’t have any at the moment. The mana tide totem will, on its own, give me back around 1600 mana – that’s very significant, around 4 lesser Healing Waves and 2.5 healing waves!

Anyway my gear needs upgrading, it’s a getting a little out-leveled at the moment.
The respec comes first though- there goes another 25 gold!

Easter Pugging Slave Pens

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Ii’ve been Pugging Slave Pens this Easter when I wasn’t grinding up another level.First PuG
Went OK, hepatitis we cleared all the bosses and only wiped once, clinic with a further near wipe. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen a Paladin’s “bubble” – quite weird. That this run went so comparatively smoothly, gives me hope again, The holy paladin did step in a number of times to backup heal, but obviously I couldn’t say if we would have managed OK without him. I think we would have wiped a couple of more times. Most of our problems were when people (including me) weren’t paying attention.

I did read up on thottbot before the bosses and I think that helped. I’m still forgetting to start scanning the players while the old spell is still casting, it definitely resulted in a couple of needless uses of natures swiftness. I also did actually run out of mana a couple of times, in one case finishing the fight healing purely on mana regen.

Zadoma 66 Human Frost Mage [Pink Elekk Society]
Gilfread 63 Human Arms Warrior [Darksun Angle Cult UK]
63 Night Elf Feral Combat Druid [Redrum]- main tank
Gamling 61 Human Holy Paladin [Only Noobs Bleed]
Flowersz 67 Resto Draenei Shaman [Munqui Tribe] – main healer.

The next pug

A mixed bag this one, several members were playing fairly well together, though for some reason I had my suspicions of the Rogue – more later. The Warlock feared a couple of times and the DPS pulled aggro, but we downed the first boss fairly well. The DPS started behaving better and not pulling aggro too fast. The second boss beat us and the rogue immediately left. We got a 70 mage in so we downed him easily. The 70 mage left and so that was that.

Not a Pug

Sunday evening and once again I’m looking to get invited into a group that was visibly forming. I’d had time to do a bit of checking the armory for the group and knew that they already had a resto shaman in the party. I’d barely joined, when one of the group – an enh shaman got kicked. The leader said he’d kicked them because we needed a tank. Now I knew the party already had a healer so the wrong person got kicked in my opinion, let alone without discussion first. So I quit myself! OOh soo moral! I noticed one of my guildies, Hmagemasterh, in the group a little later, and then in the instance. But he seemed to have gone offline within an hour so I guess it didn’t go well [smirk]. PS. Toxicshot now has a low Karma rating.

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