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Wednesday, 26 March, 2008

The last Slave Pens

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I did another Slave Pens run last night, audiologist it took 1 hour 37 in the instance. Yes you’re quite right, steroids a level 68 running a level 62+ instance is overpowered. But I’m still getting practice at healing and wanted a run with my new fully Restoration talent spec. Also it was the first invite I got. I was also in LFG for Underbog or Mana Tombs. Apart from myself the group was entirely made up of level appropriate players so as a group we weren’t overpowered. There was even another Munqui present in the group. Unfortunately I’m not getting much XP from this instance anymore, at the current rate it will take me 17 hours to level when I can probably manage 12 hours through questing. But I do need the practice, and it was fun.

We cleared the place, and we cleared it properly. We only wiped on one boss and that was just because of a bit of silliness. The only bad taste was when a rogue left midway claiming the tank couldn’t tank, he was soon replaced by a warrior and not missed.

I’m beginning to get a feel for a good group makeup now, we had two casters, a Druid tank and a rogue/warrior. I think this worked because we had decent crowd control (Mage’s sheep, Warlock’s Voidwalker and sometimes a rogue). The groups I’ve had the most fun with seem to have an even split between melee and ranged DPS, and a pet of some sort. For some reason I seem to have more success in groups with a Druid.
My new spec and a one minor gear change does seem to have made a difference, I now have slightly weaker healing and a 1k larger mana pool with the Mana Tide totem for that little extra boost on the bosses. I’m also pulling less aggro due to the extra 5% reduction compared to my previous build. I do still love my “Hypnotist’s watch” though.

Went Well

  • I’m usually managing to re-cast Earth Shield when it expires, this will become more important with patch 2.4.
  • I’m occasionally remembering to cure diseases, though still not very fluently.

Could do better

  • Should have healed the Warlock’s Pet.
  • Fired off a chain heal on myself in the last boss fight when I got hit by the boss’s volley, it would have given me some buffer for the next volley and splashed over a bit onto the others.
  • Hit the right Elemental totem, I used the Earth Elemental when I should have used the Fire.
  • Cured Disease more rapidly.
  • Cast Nature Resistance totem on that last fight (doh!)

My Healing Breakdown

  • Healing Wave – 132k (22%)
  • Lesser Healing Wave – 154k (26%)
  • Chain Heal – 177k (30%)
  • Totem – 17.6k (3%) – I usually used Mana stream/tide
  • Earth Shield 103k (17%)


  • Flowersz 68 Draenei(F) Restoration Shaman [Munqui Tribe]
  • Claudde 65 Human(F) Fire Mage [Order of Silver Hand]
  • Betra 63 Night Elf Feral(F) Combat Druid [poisonous knights]
  • Enaliga 62 Human(F) Destruction Warlock [Munqui Tribe]
  • Whiteysin 62 Gnome(M) Subtlety Rogue [Teardrops on Fire] 54 minutes
  • Daraziel 63 Human(M) Fury Warrior [Semper Fi] 53 minutes, Whiteysin’s replacement

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