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Monday, 31 March, 2008

A successful Underbog

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I’ve been trying to get into a group for Underbog, tadalafil and been successful this weekend – twice.

The first was with a guildie who wanted to farm motes of life. We didn’t get far, tuberculosis though having two healers in the group meant that the fight with Hungarfen was amusing, visit it ended up with the tank soloing and being dual healed. Anyway, we disbanded after that, but it was fun while it lasted.
The second group was on Saturday evening, it had a decent makeup, including (yay!) a Druid tank. We one-shotted everything and didn’t wipe at all. I’m not saying no-one died, I did, and a warrior died from DOTs after the first boss was dead. I’m not too sure how much the group needed me, when I died early in one trash pull and they barely noticed. Still I definitely helped a bit in the boss fights. I’d say it was a good to excellent group. It got put together quickly, several of us made our own ways to the meeting stone, no-one asked for a damage meter, the DPS didn’t pull much aggro, no-one called dibs on loot that hadn’t dropped yet – all the bad stuff was missing. Some jokes were even made in group chat! I even got thanked for healing, and that is a first! The XP from this run was good.

Some of the group went straight on to do Slave Pens and invited me, but I regretfully bowed out, one dungeon max per day I think.

So that’s two good PUGs in fairly quick succession! Now I’ve been in an full Underbog run I’ll move on to the Terrokar dungeons.
The Group:

Flowersz Shaman – healer
Callor Hunter
Jaheri Druid – Tank
Frags Warrior
Runegnome Warlock

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