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Monday, 28 April, 2008

Working title

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Did a Caverns of time/old hillsbrad/Durnhold (66-68) run yesterday with an over-level group and a Druid Tank. Bear Butts for the win! It was easy peasy. So peasy easy in fact that we did it twice, approved even faster the second time. It took 2 hours in total for two runs. I even got a “sidegrade” for my gloves. The only deaths were a couple of hunter pets.

Of course I managed not to complete the quest – twice! I am such a noob! I’d be really miffed if it hadn’t been so much fun, ask and I’ll definitely be going back soon. This instance, low on spellcasters, practically no AOE damage seems well suited to Resto Shaman. I was spamming chain heal like there was no tomorrow.

I didn’t follow the group onto the next dungeon, I spent some real-time with the girlfriend instead, which was even better, though in a different way of course.

I’ve decided that while being Kara-ready is my target, I’m not gonna get hung up on it, it will happen in its own time. Expecting to do Karazahn a couple of weeks after hitting 70 without even doing all the lower dungeons, let alone a heroic is just silly and unrealistic of me.

I’m going to relax and enjoy the scenery.


  • Idrag 68 Male Dwarf Hunter [P R I E S T] IOP Score:23
  • Killerdec 68 Male Night Elf Hunter [OakFellows] IOP Score:44
  • Flowersz 70 Female Draenei Shaman [Munqui Tribe] IOP Score:39
  • Velarie 70 Female Night Elf Druid [NERF] IOP Score:171
  • Echodb 70 Female Draenei Shaman [OakFellows] IOP Score:565

Not much to say on what could have been done better, I suppose I could have popped Heroism more often, and maybe, just maybe used an elemental.


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Inspired by Sue’s Creative writing course this came to me as we drove past the statues outside the the town hall in Leeds.

Sad Stone Lions faces blurred by acid tears.

It’s quite rare for me to be even this poetic!

Thursday, 24 April, 2008

Poplar Flowersz

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Heaven help me, cure I’ve just added a hit counter thingy to my wordpress installation and can now see I’m getting google search hits to my new Pre-karazahn gear page (see sidebar). The thing is this: searching for resto shaman is listing this page at 9th position!

I only wrote it for personal reference! Eeek!

Wednesday, 23 April, 2008

A Dip in Interest?

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This post is a random whinge fest, stomach be warned.

Hmm, disorder now that I’ve hit level 70 and don’t have a clearly defined target anymore I find I’m just tootling around doing very very little. As a resto shaman kill quests are a right pain, esophagitis I’ve got a few gear-upgrade quests lined up, but they require groups to finish. I find I can’t get excited about doing quests that won’t result in a gear upgrade. There is one that I should be able to solo to progress to the next step: it involves clicking on 5 pillars and then fighting a lowish boss, unfortunately by the time I’ve cleared the mobs and clicked on all five pillars it’s taken too long, the mobs are re-spawning and the first pillar needs clicking again!

I need a BIG kick to get going again, and I need to be much less shy about asking for help.

I will continue my new policy of helping any level 60+ that asks, one day they might even be on one of my targeted quests, besides it gives me something to do.

On the todo front – I should do more dungeons… I’ve now got a list of 9 normal mode dungeons I’ve never been in, most of these dungeons wont be giving me any gear upgrades, and healing a dungeon isn’t giving the adrenaline rush that melee does. I will be staying restoration for a while longer though.

I need more self discipline. Will definitely put myself up for a couple of dungeons this weekend and see what happens. I’ll start on my Karazahn attunement quests while I’m waiting.

Monday, 21 April, 2008


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Got a, ailment personal, here random invite to do Shadow Labs from a guildie on Sunday. Well if I’ve got time I pretty much never turn these down, health care so off I tootle. Apparently I’m a replacement for another healer who wasn’t very good.

After the next, and lets face it, predictable wipe the tank leaves. Well I did warn the group that I’m only so-so at healing. The druid tank is replaced by another, seriously well equipped tank, in epics and we pootle on through the dungeon, virtually a boost. We did wipe quite a few times, and on one boss I “released” instead of “resurrected” just before he went down so I missed out on any chance at the “loot”. I took the chance to pick up the quests for Shadow Labs on my run back in. Fighting the last boss, Murmur, I die near the end, see that it’s worth “rezzing” to help finish him off and press the damn “release” button again! Down goes the boss while I’m corpse running – I’m not eligible for any loot, and more importantly I don’t get the quest completion! So I don’t get the really nice quest reward. I actually raised a GM request on this one, and get told there’s nothing they can do. The GM wished me a happy day – as if! I was really really pissed!

So why do blizzard think that sitting there dead means I get a kill credit, but running back from a graveyard means that I don’t? I even got to loot 2 spirit shards off the corpse so there was some sort of credit system going on.

So – many more hours spent in Wow without a single piece of kit upgrade, frankly I’m beginning to wonder if I’m having fun anymore. I’m trying to rationalize it by saying that the invite was unexpected, but I’m not having much success convincing myself. Shadow Labs is not particularly suitable for a Resto Shaman because of their lack of Crowd Control, so it’s probably going to be difficult to get another group for another complete run all the way to the end.

I have noticed something though, I’m not running out of mana, and my heals seem to be fine, I hardly ever need to drop a mana tide totem, or chug a mana pot, but I am being seriously hurt by AOE damage and need health pots. I don’t have time to heal myself in boss fights  – I think my stamina is too low. I need to swap out some of my +heal for +Stamina gear to make me a little more capable of handling this kind of damage.

After the Shadow Labs disaster I helped a guildie tank finish the ManaForge questlines which I also hadn’t completed. The reward at the end wasn’t any good for me, but I got a little feelgood out of it.

I may change my playstyle to simply being a fulltime helper for others for a bit. On the ShadowLabs front it may even be worth re-speccing back to enhancement or elemental just so I can do this instance, I’ll try it one more time as Resto before I give up. It might be me, but Resto Shaman may be good in raids but don’t seem to be particularly useful in 5 man dungeons.

Time will tell I suppose.

Friday, 18 April, 2008

Kara (found in the drafts, so probably not in sequence)

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Well, visit this my guild is really starting to get the hang of Karazahn which is both great and crap. Great because I share vicariously in their ability to down 7 of the bosses in a single night and Crap because it looks like they will have moved on by the time I’m ready.

I’ve started to build a shopping list of “pre-kara” gear built from various sites, the best gear seems to be listed on Matticus’s site, with a fair bit of not-quite-as-good gear pulled off other sites. When I add up the stats from some of the best quest stuff I find it seems to fall below the often quoted +1000 heal and +100 mp5 (505 and 74 respectively) I guess the remainder might be made up through gemming and enchantments though I guess dungeons might come into it as well :). For comparison my current gear is around +750heal and +65mp5 with some gems and a reasonable amount of substandard gear.

It looks like I’ll have to earn a fair bit of money to buy the “extras”. Nevertheless I still need some good equipment as a base on which to add the expensive extras and I’ve started a couple of the quest-chains that have good rewards at the end, though I’ll need to find groups to finish them.

I’m not in any great hurry, I’ve still plenty more dungeons to do yet, and that’s before starting on the Heroics. I think it may take me a couple of months yet to get properly Kara ready – the most annoying part is just how slow it is. I’ve gotten used to quite big rewards for only a few hours playing.

Actually I think my biggest problem is envy, another member of the guild is now on the Kara list and he only hit 70 a couple of weeks ago, some visceral part of me just can’t reconcile his progress with the fact that I’m playing less often than he is (I hope), and that he’s been saving up PvP marks for yonks to buy his Kara gear.

Coming a close second is unrealistic expectations, Kara used to be something you did after running through lots of Heroic Dungeons and attunements, and I’ve not even seen the insides of at least half a dozen normal ones, let alone the heroic versions.

I’ll trundle along for a bit longer before I let myself get too dissatisfied, there’s a potential guild run of Sethekk Halls tonight I might be able to get in on and that should be big fun.

Wednesday, 16 April, 2008


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Well after my last post about a rubbish PuG for Mana Tombs, symptoms I’m now a happy Flowersz, page hence the reversed Pah title.

I logged on last night to check the guild calendar so I could OK it with Sue to sign up for a guild Sethekk Halls run on Friday and found that I had missed it, epilepsy it was actually on Tuesday and had already been going for 30 minutes, which was a disappointment. Entirely my own fault. Anyway I had a very quick indecisive browse through the LFG interface but decided not to join any groups, it was only idle curiosity. Despite only being listed for a few seconds I got a whisper and an invite to Mana Tombs provided I was a healer. I went for it.

I was worried at first because the Tank was a paladin, with my worries only slightly alleviated by the fact that the rest of the group seemed to be a good spread of classes – Warlock, Hunter and Enhancement Shaman.

Anyway, it turned out to be an excellent run: we pushed on, I was usually at about 2/3 mana starting each pull, we didn’t wipe once, and only had four of deaths in total. Even after the tank died on the last boss (I lost Line of Sight on him – the rues say I cannot heal people I can’t see) we still managed to down him. Some happy healing on the Warlock who was next on the aggro list gave us the extra few seconds we needed. The only downside was the almost total lack of banter.

The whole run only lasted 1:26 including summoning time.

The Group

Flowersz (me) 70 Draenei Resto Shaman      <Munqui Tribe>
IoPScore:-4 IoPKitLevel:104
Streetryder   64 Human Paladin              <Succubus>
InventoryOnParScore:180 IoPKitLevel:89
Tapas         67 Gnome Warlock              <HEROES FIGHT LIKE GREEKS>
IoPScore:62 IoPKitLevel:94
Spiritryder   64 Draenei Enhancement Shaman <Succubus>
InventoryOnParScore:258 IoPKitLevel:93
Kirenna       70 Draenei Hunter             <Succubus>
IoPScore:247 IoPKitLevel:109

Quite a high level/well equipped group for an instance that is rated 64-67.


Went Well:

  • Only a very few deaths.
  • Managed to find time to chain heal the odd pet.
  • Refreshed Earth Shield during boss fights a few times.

Could do better:

  • Better placement on the last fight would probably have saved the tank, there’s a hillock near the boss I could have stood on for a clear view.
  • It was mainly luck that I managed to focus healing on the Warlock after the tank died. I really must get a Boss’s target macro set up.
  • I nearly killed the Tank a couple of times while healing other players, Natures Swiftness saved the day.
  • Trinkets during the fights.
  • Pulled out the Fire Elemental on the last boss, particularly after the tank went down.

Monday, 14 April, 2008


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After riding Caspar (my horsie) for 50km/4¼ hours yesterday I thought I’d do a little dungeonette. Not always a good idea while tired, malady but I had some more “me” time available while Sue slept. So after Looking for a Group I opted for Auchinodon Mana Tombs, more about which is the next one on my “list”. The group was mostly level 63, with two paladins and two rogues. Mana Tombs is rated at 64-67, so I didn’t expect to complete the dungeon.

It did not go well. We managed to wipe a couple of times on trash, once while we were down a Rogue because she was still making her way to the instance. We reached Pandemonium, the first boss in this dungeon. Wipe, wipe, wipe. Pandemonius hits hard and according to WowWiki it’s all Shadow damage that bypasses armour, and just to make things worse he throws out shadow bolt volleys to hit all the group. By the third attempt I was dropping a grounding totem to absorb some of the shadow bolts, though I was having problems with placement so they didn’t always work. I was spamming Healing wave on our paladin tank which would keep him up, but if I paused to throw a heal on anyone else (including myself) he died before I could finish the next heal on him. Eventually the group leader unceremoniously (and impolitely) kicked one of the rogues, and replaced them with a hunter, we did better (8%) but still wiped, the pala tank left to be replaced by a 70 warrior, this time we downed Pandemonium before he had time to damage the party too much.

On we go and wipe again on trash mobs. Everyone is gets fed up and the party disbands.

I have so many problems with paladin tanks, I just can’t seem to do it. My healing gear in this instance was hovering around +700 which really should have been enough. Reading around it looks like this boss is not a simple tank and spank job, perhaps that was the problem. Nevertheless pally tanks and me don’t go together.

What I could have done better:

  • Chugged a health pot rather than tried to heal myself.
  • Seen if the party had any form of shadow resistance.
  • Better grounding totem placement.
  • Healed until I was the last one standing, at least that way it would have been obvious that I was trying.
  • Not bothered going into the dungeon with an underpowered and imbalanced PuG.
  • Maybe dropped a Fire Elemental to up the damage on this boss to try and make up for the lack of group DPS.
  • Avoided the knockback from the Shadow Bolts – apparently you should place yourselves against walls.
  • Let the group know about Pandemonius’ “Dark Shell” ability, this causes 1000 damage to everyone that melee’s him and was probably seriously upping his Damage. On at least one site it says: “The key to defeating Pandemonius revolves around stopping DPS during Dark Shell” Although I didn’t know this at the time.

Thursday, 10 April, 2008

At Last

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Well, patient Flowersz has finally made it to level 70 and got her flying mount. Level 69 took a little over 12 hours despite wasting at least one hour in a totally inappropriate area for levelling. For the record I’ve spent a total of 14 days 22 hours of playing time getting to this point.

Now all I’ve got to do is to decide what I’m going to do with her, click now that levelling isn’t a goal anymore.

Certainly doing dungeons is on the list. I guess earning money for my “epic flying mount” (5000gold) is also on the cards, more though I can’t see myself devoting much time exclusively to this. Getting better gear so that I can prepare for raiding is a definite, though I suspect this mostly comes under dungeons and group quests. And finally, perhaps, grinding reputation with many of the factions in Outland so that I can buy
better gear, if there’s any to be bought.

Another possible time-sink would be to drop one of my gathering professions (mining and skinning) to take up a crafting profession. From a quick skim the recommended professions are Alchemy and Leatherworking, since I’ve got Skinning and haven’t got Herbalism I guess that Leatherworking might win. Though Jewelcrafting might be an outside option, rumour is that you can get better stuff from Jewelcrafting than you can from leatherworking. Anything that gets me better gear quickly I guess.

On a totally different side, I’ve now got a cordless trackman (Thumb Trackball) mouse, I’m sort of looking to use this more than the keyboard, and, though it does seem easier to use than the laptop’s trackpad, I’m not entirely convinced about having one of my hands off the keyboard. I’ve quite a large number of keybindings that require pressing shift or control, there’s no way I’ll ever be a “clicker” so I’m kindof wondering what I’m going to do. It could be time to try the Nostromo N52 again.

We will just have to see how it goes….

Monday, 7 April, 2008

Not yet 70

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I’ve not played too much over the weekend, disorder so I’m still about 3 hours off 70. I’ve been focusing on questing so that I can just forget about leveling.

The new aggressive approach seems to be working well, troche despite being Restoration specced I can now be confident on taking on mobs of my own level, sanitary and pairs of mobs of a level below me. I’ve even used my Earth Elemental Totem to get me out of trouble a couple of times. This aggressive playing has given me a clue to how powerlevelling works, it has always eluded me in the past how people can make so much XP/hour. Now I realize; they’re using almost everything on every fight, saving only a couple of tricks for when things go bad.

See you when I’m 70 and can kick back a bit. Though I’ll probably start worrying about how to get geared for Karazahn.

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