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Monday, 14 April, 2008


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After riding Caspar (my horsie) for 50km/4ΒΌ hours yesterday I thought I’d do a little dungeonette. Not always a good idea while tired, malady but I had some more “me” time available while Sue slept. So after Looking for a Group I opted for Auchinodon Mana Tombs, more about which is the next one on my “list”. The group was mostly level 63, with two paladins and two rogues. Mana Tombs is rated at 64-67, so I didn’t expect to complete the dungeon.

It did not go well. We managed to wipe a couple of times on trash, once while we were down a Rogue because she was still making her way to the instance. We reached Pandemonium, the first boss in this dungeon. Wipe, wipe, wipe. Pandemonius hits hard and according to WowWiki it’s all Shadow damage that bypasses armour, and just to make things worse he throws out shadow bolt volleys to hit all the group. By the third attempt I was dropping a grounding totem to absorb some of the shadow bolts, though I was having problems with placement so they didn’t always work. I was spamming Healing wave on our paladin tank which would keep him up, but if I paused to throw a heal on anyone else (including myself) he died before I could finish the next heal on him. Eventually the group leader unceremoniously (and impolitely) kicked one of the rogues, and replaced them with a hunter, we did better (8%) but still wiped, the pala tank left to be replaced by a 70 warrior, this time we downed Pandemonium before he had time to damage the party too much.

On we go and wipe again on trash mobs. Everyone is gets fed up and the party disbands.

I have so many problems with paladin tanks, I just can’t seem to do it. My healing gear in this instance was hovering around +700 which really should have been enough. Reading around it looks like this boss is not a simple tank and spank job, perhaps that was the problem. Nevertheless pally tanks and me don’t go together.

What I could have done better:

  • Chugged a health pot rather than tried to heal myself.
  • Seen if the party had any form of shadow resistance.
  • Better grounding totem placement.
  • Healed until I was the last one standing, at least that way it would have been obvious that I was trying.
  • Not bothered going into the dungeon with an underpowered and imbalanced PuG.
  • Maybe dropped a Fire Elemental to up the damage on this boss to try and make up for the lack of group DPS.
  • Avoided the knockback from the Shadow Bolts – apparently you should place yourselves against walls.
  • Let the group know about Pandemonius’ “Dark Shell” ability, this causes 1000 damage to everyone that melee’s him and was probably seriously upping his Damage. On at least one site it says: “The key to defeating Pandemonius revolves around stopping DPS during Dark Shell” Although I didn’t know this at the time.

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