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Wednesday, 16 April, 2008


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Well after my last post about a rubbish PuG for Mana Tombs, symptoms I’m now a happy Flowersz, page hence the reversed Pah title.

I logged on last night to check the guild calendar so I could OK it with Sue to sign up for a guild Sethekk Halls run on Friday and found that I had missed it, epilepsy it was actually on Tuesday and had already been going for 30 minutes, which was a disappointment. Entirely my own fault. Anyway I had a very quick indecisive browse through the LFG interface but decided not to join any groups, it was only idle curiosity. Despite only being listed for a few seconds I got a whisper and an invite to Mana Tombs provided I was a healer. I went for it.

I was worried at first because the Tank was a paladin, with my worries only slightly alleviated by the fact that the rest of the group seemed to be a good spread of classes – Warlock, Hunter and Enhancement Shaman.

Anyway, it turned out to be an excellent run: we pushed on, I was usually at about 2/3 mana starting each pull, we didn’t wipe once, and only had four of deaths in total. Even after the tank died on the last boss (I lost Line of Sight on him – the rues say I cannot heal people I can’t see) we still managed to down him. Some happy healing on the Warlock who was next on the aggro list gave us the extra few seconds we needed. The only downside was the almost total lack of banter.

The whole run only lasted 1:26 including summoning time.

The Group

Flowersz (me) 70 Draenei Resto Shaman      <Munqui Tribe>
IoPScore:-4 IoPKitLevel:104
Streetryder   64 Human Paladin              <Succubus>
InventoryOnParScore:180 IoPKitLevel:89
Tapas         67 Gnome Warlock              <HEROES FIGHT LIKE GREEKS>
IoPScore:62 IoPKitLevel:94
Spiritryder   64 Draenei Enhancement Shaman <Succubus>
InventoryOnParScore:258 IoPKitLevel:93
Kirenna       70 Draenei Hunter             <Succubus>
IoPScore:247 IoPKitLevel:109

Quite a high level/well equipped group for an instance that is rated 64-67.


Went Well:

  • Only a very few deaths.
  • Managed to find time to chain heal the odd pet.
  • Refreshed Earth Shield during boss fights a few times.

Could do better:

  • Better placement on the last fight would probably have saved the tank, there’s a hillock near the boss I could have stood on for a clear view.
  • It was mainly luck that I managed to focus healing on the Warlock after the tank died. I really must get a Boss’s target macro set up.
  • I nearly killed the Tank a couple of times while healing other players, Natures Swiftness saved the day.
  • Trinkets during the fights.
  • Pulled out the Fire Elemental on the last boss, particularly after the tank went down.

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