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Friday, 18 April, 2008

Kara (found in the drafts, so probably not in sequence)

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Well, visit this my guild is really starting to get the hang of Karazahn which is both great and crap. Great because I share vicariously in their ability to down 7 of the bosses in a single night and Crap because it looks like they will have moved on by the time I’m ready.

I’ve started to build a shopping list of “pre-kara” gear built from various sites, the best gear seems to be listed on Matticus’s site, with a fair bit of not-quite-as-good gear pulled off other sites. When I add up the stats from some of the best quest stuff I find it seems to fall below the often quoted +1000 heal and +100 mp5 (505 and 74 respectively) I guess the remainder might be made up through gemming and enchantments though I guess dungeons might come into it as well :). For comparison my current gear is around +750heal and +65mp5 with some gems and a reasonable amount of substandard gear.

It looks like I’ll have to earn a fair bit of money to buy the “extras”. Nevertheless I still need some good equipment as a base on which to add the expensive extras and I’ve started a couple of the quest-chains that have good rewards at the end, though I’ll need to find groups to finish them.

I’m not in any great hurry, I’ve still plenty more dungeons to do yet, and that’s before starting on the Heroics. I think it may take me a couple of months yet to get properly Kara ready – the most annoying part is just how slow it is. I’ve gotten used to quite big rewards for only a few hours playing.

Actually I think my biggest problem is envy, another member of the guild is now on the Kara list and he only hit 70 a couple of weeks ago, some visceral part of me just can’t reconcile his progress with the fact that I’m playing less often than he is (I hope), and that he’s been saving up PvP marks for yonks to buy his Kara gear.

Coming a close second is unrealistic expectations, Kara used to be something you did after running through lots of Heroic Dungeons and attunements, and I’ve not even seen the insides of at least half a dozen normal ones, let alone the heroic versions.

I’ll trundle along for a bit longer before I let myself get too dissatisfied, there’s a potential guild run of Sethekk Halls tonight I might be able to get in on and that should be big fun.

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