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Monday, 21 April, 2008


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Got a, ailment personal, here random invite to do Shadow Labs from a guildie on Sunday. Well if I’ve got time I pretty much never turn these down, health care so off I tootle. Apparently I’m a replacement for another healer who wasn’t very good.

After the next, and lets face it, predictable wipe the tank leaves. Well I did warn the group that I’m only so-so at healing. The druid tank is replaced by another, seriously well equipped tank, in epics and we pootle on through the dungeon, virtually a boost. We did wipe quite a few times, and on one boss I “released” instead of “resurrected” just before he went down so I missed out on any chance at the “loot”. I took the chance to pick up the quests for Shadow Labs on my run back in. Fighting the last boss, Murmur, I die near the end, see that it’s worth “rezzing” to help finish him off and press the damn “release” button again! Down goes the boss while I’m corpse running – I’m not eligible for any loot, and more importantly I don’t get the quest completion! So I don’t get the really nice quest reward. I actually raised a GM request on this one, and get told there’s nothing they can do. The GM wished me a happy day – as if! I was really really pissed!

So why do blizzard think that sitting there dead means I get a kill credit, but running back from a graveyard means that I don’t? I even got to loot 2 spirit shards off the corpse so there was some sort of credit system going on.

So – many more hours spent in Wow without a single piece of kit upgrade, frankly I’m beginning to wonder if I’m having fun anymore. I’m trying to rationalize it by saying that the invite was unexpected, but I’m not having much success convincing myself. Shadow Labs is not particularly suitable for a Resto Shaman because of their lack of Crowd Control, so it’s probably going to be difficult to get another group for another complete run all the way to the end.

I have noticed something though, I’m not running out of mana, and my heals seem to be fine, I hardly ever need to drop a mana tide totem, or chug a mana pot, but I am being seriously hurt by AOE damage and need health pots. I don’t have time to heal myself in boss fights  – I think my stamina is too low. I need to swap out some of my +heal for +Stamina gear to make me a little more capable of handling this kind of damage.

After the Shadow Labs disaster I helped a guildie tank finish the ManaForge questlines which I also hadn’t completed. The reward at the end wasn’t any good for me, but I got a little feelgood out of it.

I may change my playstyle to simply being a fulltime helper for others for a bit. On the ShadowLabs front it may even be worth re-speccing back to enhancement or elemental just so I can do this instance, I’ll try it one more time as Resto before I give up. It might be me, but Resto Shaman may be good in raids but don’t seem to be particularly useful in 5 man dungeons.

Time will tell I suppose.

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