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Wednesday, 23 April, 2008

A Dip in Interest?

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This post is a random whinge fest, stomach be warned.

Hmm, disorder now that I’ve hit level 70 and don’t have a clearly defined target anymore I find I’m just tootling around doing very very little. As a resto shaman kill quests are a right pain, esophagitis I’ve got a few gear-upgrade quests lined up, but they require groups to finish. I find I can’t get excited about doing quests that won’t result in a gear upgrade. There is one that I should be able to solo to progress to the next step: it involves clicking on 5 pillars and then fighting a lowish boss, unfortunately by the time I’ve cleared the mobs and clicked on all five pillars it’s taken too long, the mobs are re-spawning and the first pillar needs clicking again!

I need a BIG kick to get going again, and I need to be much less shy about asking for help.

I will continue my new policy of helping any level 60+ that asks, one day they might even be on one of my targeted quests, besides it gives me something to do.

On the todo front – I should do more dungeons… I’ve now got a list of 9 normal mode dungeons I’ve never been in, most of these dungeons wont be giving me any gear upgrades, and healing a dungeon isn’t giving the adrenaline rush that melee does. I will be staying restoration for a while longer though.

I need more self discipline. Will definitely put myself up for a couple of dungeons this weekend and see what happens. I’ll start on my Karazahn attunement quests while I’m waiting.

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