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Tuesday, 27 May, 2008

Altitis outbreak

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After the sustained fun of healing yet another Druid tank through Old Hillsbrad (aka Caverns of Time – Durnhold) I thought I’d take a little break and I’ve now rolled a new alt, side effects a Druid that I’m going to make a Tank.

I’ve called her Flowerz, ed not to be mistaken for Flowersz the resto Shaman. I can tell you it caused some confusion when I got her invited into my current guild. She’s level 15 now and I’m already getting used to the view of her Big Bear Butt.

By a strange coincidence, the guildie who was putting my leveling speed to shame on his Shaman has also recently rolled a druid. I’m certainly not going to compete at leveling speed against him!

Caverns of Time Durnhold – done!

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Friday I put Flowersz up for a Caverns of Time – Durnhold run in the hopes that I could complete that lingering Escort Quest. It didn’t look good at first, food we spent ages looking for a Tank for our group. Eventually our druid was persuaded to respecc and took up the post of Tank. All this waiting and respeccing took around an hour. After that it went pretty well, glaucoma the entire run only took 50 minutes! Only 3 deaths in total, all in the last fight, one of them Flowersz. And quite importantly the two of us that had quests both got them completed without any problems or confusion.

I’m particularly proud that in the last fight I managed to to self rezz and then almost immediately after rezzed a hunter that had died a couple of minutes earlier during a break between waves. Actually, looking really closely at the logs I didn’t do it, it was the Shadow Priest, I was out of range. But I did try.

The self rezz was definitely worth it – we didn’t wipe and the heals were probably needed.

I even remembered to cast “heroism” a few times, one of my least used, but groovy party buffing, spells.

Looking at the logs although only a small number of my spells failed because I was out of range, quite a few chain heals only healed one person. Here’s my chain Heal analysis:

2 bounces:22
1 bounces:23
0 bounces:32

Out of Line Of Sight:2
In Global Cooldown:1
Out of Range:3

Clearly I need to be more aware of where the other players are positioned since 40% of my chain heals are only healing one target – a Lesser Healing Wave is more Time,Mana and Healing efficient in these cases.

I think most of these poor chain heal cases were in the final fight where the party got quite spread out which is bad practice anyway.

Looking at the party 3 of the members were from the “Random” guild so it was pretty much a guild run, which in turn goes some way to explaining why the run was a good one.

The Party:

Alexiell 70 Female Draenei Hunter [Random] IOP Score:36
Czaria 70 Female Draenei Priest [Random] IOP Score:155
Sonofgloin 68 Male Dwarf Hunter [Tactical Chaos] IOP Score:85
Windfour 68 Female Night Elf Druid [Random] IOP Score:128
Flowersz 70 Female Draenei Shaman [Munqui Tribe] IOP Score:102

Friday, 23 May, 2008

More thoughts on the Emo post

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A little ago I posted this. Occasionally, link over the past couple of weeks, for sale I’ve thought about that particular dungeon. I think I felt like such a poor player because this is probably the only time I’ve ever been in an excellent group, viagra approved not simply good, but outstanding. My usual groups have been pickup groups and if I’m lucky it’s got a good tank and average DPS and we do OK, a few mistakes, a few deaths but still OK. For me this has been the norm and I’m comfortable with it.

That particular Sethekk Halls group was not average by a long shot and so I ended up at the bottom of the class, it probably felt worse because of the previous two dungeons I’d run which, frankly, were not fun, though for completely different reasons.

I’ve decided to continue playing WoW for a while longer, despite being the worst in that group. My level of playing and experience is such that this level of dungeon is about appropriate for my skills, though not Flowersz’ level, and so I should expect to make mistakes, which is what I did.

This post has been brought to you by the “I’ve not posted for a bit, better write something” service.

Monday, 19 May, 2008


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I’m back from my 1 week holiday abroad and I’m covered in bites that itch like crazy. Enough to wake me up at night sometimes despite all the creams and anti-histamine pills I’m taking.

Since my last post Flowersz has been been doing some shopping and now owns quite a bit more of the purchasable (for Honored Reputation) PvP gear. This has seriously boosted her Stamina and Intellect without damaging her +heal too too badly. Since she seems to take a full hit of AoE damage from the bosses I’m hoping this will increase her chances of surviving to the end of a Boss Fight.

She’s also bitten the bullet and singlehandedly massacred vast swathes of the poor innocent wildlife in Nagrand to get her “Totem of The Plains” (benefits Lesser Healing Wave). This replaces her old totem which was her worst piece of kit with a better item that is still her worst piece of kit.

The money seems, prostate to me, audiologist to be coming in steadily despite purchases and Flowersz is packing about 500 gold, which will probably get spent power-leveling jewelcrafting.

Sometime this week I plan on running Caverns of Time (Durnhold) to finish that damn Thrall quest. This should also boost me to Honored with the Keepers of Time and might let me use the Portal in Shattrath.

On the guild front – quite a few top Munquis have moved their mains to raiding guilds lately, meaning the regular Kara runs seem to be put on hold. I can completely sympathize with them, as a guild we didn’t seem to be progressing any further and running Kara for several months cannot be fun.

As you can see, being away from the computer means I don’t have much WoW stuff to comment on.

Wednesday, 7 May, 2008

Emo day was yesterday

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Crikey! I’ve done some thinking about my posts yesterday. What a bloody whinger! Fortunately an evening spent around the horses put me right.

As soon as I logged on last night I got invited to an impromptu Kara run, emergency which was “surprise birthday cake” sweet! I turned it down for several reasons, the most important ones being:

  • I’m not properly skilled for a Kara run.
  • Flowersz is not yet properly geared up for Kara.
  • I’d hate being a liability.

I guess in some ways I should have jumped at the chance, but I know myself better than that. I would probably have freaked on the first death. Anyway, though I’ve given the impression that I’d sell my granny to get into Kara, the truth is I want to go in there when I’m good and ready. So I spent last night just Chillin’ out in guild chat and making a few rings to level my Jewelcrafting instead.

I hope I’ll be just about ready by the time I’ve got the appropriate gear, which in turn will come by running dungeons (Normal and Heroic), and lots of them, heaven knows I do need to get the practice! I think ideally most of the runs should be with PuGs so I don’t quite care so much if things go wrong (yeah, selfish I know), and there’s always, always some healing to be done in a PuG.

And my comments about PvP Epics, well, it was a bad day! There isn’t much wrong with getting gear this way – it’s really not so different from players saving gold to buy their flying mount when they hit 70. Except that they are also improving their reactions and situational awareness while they’re at it. Or, another way, It’s like making sure your Tailoring is maxed out so you can make all that groovy Bind-on-Pickup Primal Mooncloth stuff when you reach 70, and no-one whinges about that being “welfare”.

As for the time to quit bit? Hmm, that one hasn’t completely gone away, I’ve got credit until the end of June and another 60 day pre-pay card in my wallet (don’t ask). It would be a shame to waste all that, so I’ll wait and see how things are when it comes to that. Anyway WotLK may be out before then and I can go back to quietly questing for a few more months.
Oh yeah, I’m 44 today, so it’s cool I’ve got the Emo day out of the way.

Tuesday, 6 May, 2008

Welfare Epics (whinging me)

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I’ve read a bit about “welfare epics” before, this site but they’ve not really meant anything to me. However I think I get it now. Flowersz has been slowly improving her gear and might just about be Karazahn ready in a few more weeks, hospital and 6-12 more dungeon runs. But I’ve now seen a couple of guildies hit level 70 and been Kara geared almost instantly!

This has happened more than once, symptoms and in most cases they seem to be wearing Gladiator’s XXXX gear. These seem to be the “Welfare Epics” that are talked about. They’re not easy to get, you have to do a lot of PvP, but I can’t say it doesn’t make me a little envious to see other toons hit Kara so soon after leveling. There’s absolutely nothing I can do about it either, I only have 2 options: 1)PvP for a few weeks to earn the required pieces, or 2) do dungeons for a few weeks.

Since I started writing this post I’ve been having a quick look and it’s come as a surprise just how many of our new Karazahn players are in Gladiator’s gear, far more than I expected.

I’m having a bad day, can’t you tell?

Serious Thinking about Flowersz, time to Quit?

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I did a guild run of Sethekk Halls last night. We cleared the place with an accidental wipe on Trash at one point. Technically a good run. It has made me think….

Firstly I was hardly needed, viagra 40mg we had a hunter, remedy two rogues and a Druid Tank (who is an alt of the Guild Leader). I barely healed anyone except to top everyone up after combat was over.

It has prompted me to think seriously about what I’m doing playing Warcraft though, an example:

The last boss flings out a fairly serious piece of Area damage, fortunately he gives quite a bit of warning and and the damage can be avoided by running behind some nearby pillars. Just before he does this he teleports to a player and turns them temporarily into a sheep, another hint that he’s about to do something nasty. I got hit all three times he did this, The first time he picked on me to turn into a sheep, so I didn’t have time to run behind a pillar. The second two times though I had no excuse, I don’t think I even noticed he was going to cast the second time, the third time I was slow and only really noticed something was going on when everyone started running away. I was quite far away from the pillars because I had come out of hiding to try to heal – I died. A dead healer heals no-one.

Frankly I don’t think I was actually needed in this run, I certainly didn’t contribute anything except to make the other players feel they had a properly rounded out party.

It looks like I just don’t have what it takes to play the “end” game. It could be time to sell up everything I’ve got, give the money to the guild and quit the game, or somehow transfer my character to someone who can play better.

I’m a hopeless underachiever who always aims low so that I can beat my expectations easily. With Flowersz I’m not even managing that.

I’ve got a week’s holiday coming up, I’ll see how I feel after that. I’m feeling slightly down at the moment, it could be that. We’ll see….

The Party:

Pharcyde 68 Night Elf Druid [Munqui Tribe] (IoP:-52)
Droknar 70 Night Elf Rogue [Munqui Tribe] (IoP:-98)
Flowersz 70 Draenei Shaman [Munqui Tribe] (IoP:72)
Stealths 70 Male Night Elf Rogue [Munqui Tribe] (IoP:444)
Hunterbabe 70 Female Night Elf Hunter [Munqui Tribe] (IoP:412)

Friday, 2 May, 2008


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This is written from a healer’s perspective.

What with doing the Thrall escort quest I’ve actually taken a little time to look at Focus in WoW. The problem I’ve had is on escort quests the NPC you’re escorting isn’t added to your party. This means you can’t find them easily using CTRL+TAB or any of the Function keys.

Now I’ve only just done this, sickness but it seems to be working fairly well, viagra so here’s my little tip:

Go to the keybindings menu and assign “set focus” to F6. F6 doesn’t appear to be assigned to anything important and it sits nicely in the sequence F1-F5 which target your party members. As a healer I usually cycle through F2-F5 to keep an eye on the health of my party members, illness with F6 I can now cycle through the party members and additionally the escort NPC.

Go to the keybindings menu and assign set focus to CTRL+F6. This means you can now fairly easily set an NPC such as Thrall to your focus.

Sometime soon I’ll go a bit further and see if I can get a macro setup so that pressing F6 will target the “Focus” if it’s friendly , or the Focus’s target if it isn’t. This should mean I can press F6 to get the “Boss’s” target who, let’s face it is likely to be needing the healing. I’ll also look at “Main Assist” about which I know absolutely nothing.


Download and install the addon FocusFrame. Set a focus on anyone using CTRL+F6 and drag the new “focus” frame to an unused spot somewhere. Now you can see your focus on screen as well as the party members.

Another CoT Durnhold run

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A guild run! My first “proper” guild run I think.

We didn’t complete the instance despite having 3 70’s and 2 69’s. I think the group makeup contributed significantly, life we had: two healers, two Protection specced warriors and a warlock. Everything was just taking too long to kill so we got overwhelmed by adds in the final fight. I’ve commented on this sort of thing before where healers have problems completing timed events.

General inexperience was almost certainly part of the reason for failure – I know I’m not used to being DPS in an instance even though somehow I topped the damage meters.

Once again I didn’t manage to turn in the first quest to Thrall. I got the window open on him and waited for the others when suddenly the escort phase started. I’ve no idea whether some-one else started it, or it’s just on a timer, or what.

Even though we didn’t complete I didn’t feel particularly bad, there didn’t seem to be any(much) rancor and nothing that bothered me, apart from getting the blame for starting the Thrall event that is. For me this dungeon feels as much fun as the Scarlet Monastery, dunno why.

For what it’s worth the Wow Web Stats are temporarily up at

I’m currently doing the Azeroth Children’s Week quests, and I’ve just realized I can do the Outland version which should significantly boost my Lower City reputation. As a step on the Outland’s children’s week quest I have to go to the Caverns of Time again so that will place me nicely for another run. Let’s hope I manage to complete that damn quest this time!

Thursday, 1 May, 2008

Helping out in Scholomance

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Last night I helped a guildie Warlock help another level 60 ish Warlock in Scholomance to complete part of the Warlock mount quest. My first 60 was a warlock (and he’s still 60 now), about it so I felt that this was a worthwhile endeavor and completely in keeping with my being helpful policy.

i’ve only got a few things to say

  • It was a good job there were 3 level 70’s in the group.
  • Don’t, thumb and I mean it, doctor DON’T, ask the healer to heal you. FFS why on earth do you think they’re in your bloody party? I thought about hearthing out the first time and it was a real effort not to do so the second time – if there hadn’t been a guildie present I probably would have.
  • Say “thank you” after a boost. Someone is now going on my low Karma list for sure.
  • I didn’t enjoy myself.

Ok, so I can’t stop there. The whole thing was totally chaotic, we were pulling entire rooms every time. I was frequently getting aggro. It felt like I didn’t stop spamming chain heal to keep the party up. With three pets there were just too many people needing healing to use Healing Wave or Lesser HW. I have a bad feeling that raiding is going to be like this. If it is, then you can count me out – I’ll have much more fun leveling another alt.

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