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Thursday, 1 May, 2008

Helping out in Scholomance

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 9:15 am

Last night I helped a guildie Warlock help another level 60 ish Warlock in Scholomance to complete part of the Warlock mount quest. My first 60 was a warlock (and he’s still 60 now), about it so I felt that this was a worthwhile endeavor and completely in keeping with my being helpful policy.

i’ve only got a few things to say

  • It was a good job there were 3 level 70’s in the group.
  • Don’t, thumb and I mean it, doctor DON’T, ask the healer to heal you. FFS why on earth do you think they’re in your bloody party? I thought about hearthing out the first time and it was a real effort not to do so the second time – if there hadn’t been a guildie present I probably would have.
  • Say “thank you” after a boost. Someone is now going on my low Karma list for sure.
  • I didn’t enjoy myself.

Ok, so I can’t stop there. The whole thing was totally chaotic, we were pulling entire rooms every time. I was frequently getting aggro. It felt like I didn’t stop spamming chain heal to keep the party up. With three pets there were just too many people needing healing to use Healing Wave or Lesser HW. I have a bad feeling that raiding is going to be like this. If it is, then you can count me out – I’ll have much more fun leveling another alt.

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