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Friday, 2 May, 2008


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This is written from a healer’s perspective.

What with doing the Thrall escort quest I’ve actually taken a little time to look at Focus in WoW. The problem I’ve had is on escort quests the NPC you’re escorting isn’t added to your party. This means you can’t find them easily using CTRL+TAB or any of the Function keys.

Now I’ve only just done this, sickness but it seems to be working fairly well, viagra so here’s my little tip:

Go to the keybindings menu and assign “set focus” to F6. F6 doesn’t appear to be assigned to anything important and it sits nicely in the sequence F1-F5 which target your party members. As a healer I usually cycle through F2-F5 to keep an eye on the health of my party members, illness with F6 I can now cycle through the party members and additionally the escort NPC.

Go to the keybindings menu and assign set focus to CTRL+F6. This means you can now fairly easily set an NPC such as Thrall to your focus.

Sometime soon I’ll go a bit further and see if I can get a macro setup so that pressing F6 will target the “Focus” if it’s friendly , or the Focus’s target if it isn’t. This should mean I can press F6 to get the “Boss’s” target who, let’s face it is likely to be needing the healing. I’ll also look at “Main Assist” about which I know absolutely nothing.


Download and install the addon FocusFrame. Set a focus on anyone using CTRL+F6 and drag the new “focus” frame to an unused spot somewhere. Now you can see your focus on screen as well as the party members.

Another CoT Durnhold run

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A guild run! My first “proper” guild run I think.

We didn’t complete the instance despite having 3 70’s and 2 69’s. I think the group makeup contributed significantly, life we had: two healers, two Protection specced warriors and a warlock. Everything was just taking too long to kill so we got overwhelmed by adds in the final fight. I’ve commented on this sort of thing before where healers have problems completing timed events.

General inexperience was almost certainly part of the reason for failure – I know I’m not used to being DPS in an instance even though somehow I topped the damage meters.

Once again I didn’t manage to turn in the first quest to Thrall. I got the window open on him and waited for the others when suddenly the escort phase started. I’ve no idea whether some-one else started it, or it’s just on a timer, or what.

Even though we didn’t complete I didn’t feel particularly bad, there didn’t seem to be any(much) rancor and nothing that bothered me, apart from getting the blame for starting the Thrall event that is. For me this dungeon feels as much fun as the Scarlet Monastery, dunno why.

For what it’s worth the Wow Web Stats are temporarily up at

I’m currently doing the Azeroth Children’s Week quests, and I’ve just realized I can do the Outland version which should significantly boost my Lower City reputation. As a step on the Outland’s children’s week quest I have to go to the Caverns of Time again so that will place me nicely for another run. Let’s hope I manage to complete that damn quest this time!

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