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Wednesday, 7 May, 2008

Emo day was yesterday

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Crikey! I’ve done some thinking about my posts yesterday. What a bloody whinger! Fortunately an evening spent around the horses put me right.

As soon as I logged on last night I got invited to an impromptu Kara run, emergency which was “surprise birthday cake” sweet! I turned it down for several reasons, the most important ones being:

  • I’m not properly skilled for a Kara run.
  • Flowersz is not yet properly geared up for Kara.
  • I’d hate being a liability.

I guess in some ways I should have jumped at the chance, but I know myself better than that. I would probably have freaked on the first death. Anyway, though I’ve given the impression that I’d sell my granny to get into Kara, the truth is I want to go in there when I’m good and ready. So I spent last night just Chillin’ out in guild chat and making a few rings to level my Jewelcrafting instead.

I hope I’ll be just about ready by the time I’ve got the appropriate gear, which in turn will come by running dungeons (Normal and Heroic), and lots of them, heaven knows I do need to get the practice! I think ideally most of the runs should be with PuGs so I don’t quite care so much if things go wrong (yeah, selfish I know), and there’s always, always some healing to be done in a PuG.

And my comments about PvP Epics, well, it was a bad day! There isn’t much wrong with getting gear this way – it’s really not so different from players saving gold to buy their flying mount when they hit 70. Except that they are also improving their reactions and situational awareness while they’re at it. Or, another way, It’s like making sure your Tailoring is maxed out so you can make all that groovy Bind-on-Pickup Primal Mooncloth stuff when you reach 70, and no-one whinges about that being “welfare”.

As for the time to quit bit? Hmm, that one hasn’t completely gone away, I’ve got credit until the end of June and another 60 day pre-pay card in my wallet (don’t ask). It would be a shame to waste all that, so I’ll wait and see how things are when it comes to that. Anyway WotLK may be out before then and I can go back to quietly questing for a few more months.
Oh yeah, I’m 44 today, so it’s cool I’ve got the Emo day out of the way.

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