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Monday, 19 May, 2008


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I’m back from my 1 week holiday abroad and I’m covered in bites that itch like crazy. Enough to wake me up at night sometimes despite all the creams and anti-histamine pills I’m taking.

Since my last post Flowersz has been been doing some shopping and now owns quite a bit more of the purchasable (for Honored Reputation) PvP gear. This has seriously boosted her Stamina and Intellect without damaging her +heal too too badly. Since she seems to take a full hit of AoE damage from the bosses I’m hoping this will increase her chances of surviving to the end of a Boss Fight.

She’s also bitten the bullet and singlehandedly massacred vast swathes of the poor innocent wildlife in Nagrand to get her “Totem of The Plains” (benefits Lesser Healing Wave). This replaces her old totem which was her worst piece of kit with a better item that is still her worst piece of kit.

The money seems, prostate to me, audiologist to be coming in steadily despite purchases and Flowersz is packing about 500 gold, which will probably get spent power-leveling jewelcrafting.

Sometime this week I plan on running Caverns of Time (Durnhold) to finish that damn Thrall quest. This should also boost me to Honored with the Keepers of Time and might let me use the Portal in Shattrath.

On the guild front – quite a few top Munquis have moved their mains to raiding guilds lately, meaning the regular Kara runs seem to be put on hold. I can completely sympathize with them, as a guild we didn’t seem to be progressing any further and running Kara for several months cannot be fun.

As you can see, being away from the computer means I don’t have much WoW stuff to comment on.

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