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Tuesday, 27 May, 2008

Altitis outbreak

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After the sustained fun of healing yet another Druid tank through Old Hillsbrad (aka Caverns of Time – Durnhold) I thought I’d take a little break and I’ve now rolled a new alt, side effects a Druid that I’m going to make a Tank.

I’ve called her Flowerz, ed not to be mistaken for Flowersz the resto Shaman. I can tell you it caused some confusion when I got her invited into my current guild. She’s level 15 now and I’m already getting used to the view of her Big Bear Butt.

By a strange coincidence, the guildie who was putting my leveling speed to shame on his Shaman has also recently rolled a druid. I’m certainly not going to compete at leveling speed against him!

Caverns of Time Durnhold – done!

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Friday I put Flowersz up for a Caverns of Time – Durnhold run in the hopes that I could complete that lingering Escort Quest. It didn’t look good at first, food we spent ages looking for a Tank for our group. Eventually our druid was persuaded to respecc and took up the post of Tank. All this waiting and respeccing took around an hour. After that it went pretty well, glaucoma the entire run only took 50 minutes! Only 3 deaths in total, all in the last fight, one of them Flowersz. And quite importantly the two of us that had quests both got them completed without any problems or confusion.

I’m particularly proud that in the last fight I managed to to self rezz and then almost immediately after rezzed a hunter that had died a couple of minutes earlier during a break between waves. Actually, looking really closely at the logs I didn’t do it, it was the Shadow Priest, I was out of range. But I did try.

The self rezz was definitely worth it – we didn’t wipe and the heals were probably needed.

I even remembered to cast “heroism” a few times, one of my least used, but groovy party buffing, spells.

Looking at the logs although only a small number of my spells failed because I was out of range, quite a few chain heals only healed one person. Here’s my chain Heal analysis:

2 bounces:22
1 bounces:23
0 bounces:32

Out of Line Of Sight:2
In Global Cooldown:1
Out of Range:3

Clearly I need to be more aware of where the other players are positioned since 40% of my chain heals are only healing one target – a Lesser Healing Wave is more Time,Mana and Healing efficient in these cases.

I think most of these poor chain heal cases were in the final fight where the party got quite spread out which is bad practice anyway.

Looking at the party 3 of the members were from the “Random” guild so it was pretty much a guild run, which in turn goes some way to explaining why the run was a good one.

The Party:

Alexiell 70 Female Draenei Hunter [Random] IOP Score:36
Czaria 70 Female Draenei Priest [Random] IOP Score:155
Sonofgloin 68 Male Dwarf Hunter [Tactical Chaos] IOP Score:85
Windfour 68 Female Night Elf Druid [Random] IOP Score:128
Flowersz 70 Female Draenei Shaman [Munqui Tribe] IOP Score:102

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