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Friday, 23 May, 2008

More thoughts on the Emo post

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A little ago I posted this. Occasionally, link over the past couple of weeks, for sale I’ve thought about that particular dungeon. I think I felt like such a poor player because this is probably the only time I’ve ever been in an excellent group, viagra approved not simply good, but outstanding. My usual groups have been pickup groups and if I’m lucky it’s got a good tank and average DPS and we do OK, a few mistakes, a few deaths but still OK. For me this has been the norm and I’m comfortable with it.

That particular Sethekk Halls group was not average by a long shot and so I ended up at the bottom of the class, it probably felt worse because of the previous two dungeons I’d run which, frankly, were not fun, though for completely different reasons.

I’ve decided to continue playing WoW for a while longer, despite being the worst in that group. My level of playing and experience is such that this level of dungeon is about appropriate for my skills, though not Flowersz’ level, and so I should expect to make mistakes, which is what I did.

This post has been brought to you by the “I’ve not posted for a bit, better write something” service.

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  1. You’re too hard on yourself over this, Flowerz – seriously.

    First of, i always enjoy guild runs more than other runs, doesnt matter what part i play. I’d rather do a stokade run with my 70 and a group full of guildies, than i’ll do a heroic PUG. Thats the point of a guild, isnt it? Hanging out with your friends.

    Secondly, all players in a group plays a part. If nothing else, then cannon fodder (being sacrificed in DiM or Kara. Stand on Moroes toes in Kara and so on).
    You got sheeped on the run you mentioned, which means another one didnt. Could’ve been the healer that had ended up as a sheep, which would be bad for the tank and the whole thing could fall apart.

    Also, the group we had there consisted of a 3 people who have been grouping for ages. Theres some teamwork there that a “new” player cant replace. We do stuff without thinking and well aware that the rest will know what we are about to do. Its that kind of teamwork that clears Kara in 1-2 days. And it takes times and many runs to get that teamwork up. Seek more runs with guildies, even for the sake of the run.

    Last, the whole point about guild runs is that no one really gives a shit about living or dying, we are here to have fun. You might feel youre undergeared for Kara but if you get asked by guild to come along, go along. No one will beat you up for not being the best dps/heal or whatever role you’re filling.
    Instead, you will come out on the other end more experienced and hopefully better geared for the next run. Thats how you progress.

    And a last note on that run in particular, even i dont fully remember it… I’ve never felt or thought that, one player in the party was just along for the ride and didnt contribute. And i’ve never been shy of not telling people that they needed to increase their dps/heal etc, if that was needed. So you must’ve done what i’ve expected and been just a vital part as all the rest of us.

    Dont think about being the best of the worst. Think about having fun and as long as you make an effort, who should point fingers at you? We cant all run around with the Sword of a Thousand Truths and do 999dps. We _need_ the tank, the CC, the heals, the stuns etc…

    Comment by Brastfield — Sunday, 1 June, 2008 @ 7:26 pm

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