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Monday, 30 June, 2008

Druid Levelling update

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This is something of a filler post, search sorry.

So I’ve been levelling my druid this weekend, decease to be honest I spent more (real world) time on this than I really really should have. Still, pancreatitis she’s half way through level 29 already. I’ve installed TourGuide and I’m following it almost completely which I wouldn’t recommend it for leveling your first character, it is definitely keeping my speed up, but really seriously detracts from the exploration aspect of the game. I’m also grouping up wherever I think I see someone on the same quest though it’s hardly creating “friends”.

The midsummer festival is not hurting my leveling, 10% extra experience from doing the “ribbon dance”, occasional huge amounts of damage from the Bonfire Blessing (I’m relighting the fires if I see they’re out), and the 3% extra crit buff from using the burning blossoms are certainly cool. Either that or Druids are overpowered. I really quite like this idea from Blizzard, it’s a bit like the “blessings” you get in outland from capturing the towers only, for once lowbies don’t have to feel left out.

All this druid work means that my resto shaman has been almost completely neglected when she should have been looking to do a dungeon or at least a few dailies. All I’ve done on her is to buy raw gems and sell the “cuts”, I’ve only got a couple of recipes and refuse to flood the market so money making is slow but steady. Strangely the money pot across all my alts is slowly leaking away somewhere, I’m not entirely sure where it’s going.

Flowersz, the Shaman, is going to bite the bullet soon and spend some money on enchants.

Friday, 27 June, 2008

LF1M Tank to do xyz, have Healer and DPS

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So what does my first Kara run mean in the context of my previous posts about leveling a Druid to be a Tank?

Well it has changed things a bit, web on the one hand it has certainly removed any thoughts I had about never being good enough to raid. On the other hand, in some ways, it has actually made me a little more determined to level a tank capable class. You see we had a non-munqui off-tank on the run, (who might be an ex-guildie). I don’t why they were brought in, it could be for any number of good reasons, but nevertheless.

And guess what? They were a druid!

So now I want to play both toons! Whaaa!

P.S. Please don’t mention my 60 warlock, I’d much appreciate it. Thanks.

Thursday, 26 June, 2008

Thoughts on my first Kara run

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Some musings on how my first ever Karazahn (and first ever) raid went.

I’ve never been into Karazahn, medications nor on a real raid before so I was a little bit nervous. There was that raid on Zul Gurub the other week, thumb but that was more like a kickabout in the park really. Overall, pfizer for me, it went fairly well. For the party – not so well, several times we wiped on trash when it could have been avoided, it’ll be a while before I forget seeing our tree appearing around a corner and running down the stairs pursued by a pack of unhappy dancers.

Attunmen: seemed pretty straight forwards, almost easy.

Moroes: I’m told we had a bit of bad luck here with the four adds (out of six possible) being
Baroness Dorothea Millstipe (Shadow Priest)
Lady Catriona Von?Indi (Holy Priest)
Baron Rafe Dreuger (Retribution Paladin)
Lord Robin Daris (Arms Warrior)

I know of one guide that lists the top two as first kills when dealing with adds, and it certainly took a few wipes to down the lot of them, the successful one was fairly impressive with only one or two players left standing.

We got Big Bad Wolf for Opera, so some good luck there. This was uncomplicated.

Maiden, wiped us badly the first time, the second time I pulled her while looking for bodies to ress and got single shotted, the third time she went down pretty reasonably.

I did feel that there’s a lot fewer trash than in a normal instance.

What went well

  • Thanks to Too Many Annas raid consumables page I think I was well equipped on the pots and food buffs. During the run I used the mana food because I was getting low on mana a couple of times, a newbie problem.
  • On the last and successful attempt at Moroes I dropped a Fire Elemental near the end, as it happens seconds before I died – I never knew that they lasted after death, but I had a wonderful view of the big orange beastie running up and down causing hurt wherever he went, the big bugger lasted quite some time before fading away. Lovely. Given how close this fight was I feel this was exactly the right thing to do.
  • Didn’t get depressed at wiping – PuG’s are good for something then! (smiles)

Could have done better

Naturally this is a far more extensive list since it was my first time in.

  • Get healbot to work the way I want it to. I tried to re-configure healbot to swap the mouse buttons for Chain Heal(CH) and Lesser Healing Wave(LHW) since I find the middle button difficult to press accurately. I don’t know what’s going on with it, but at one point both middle and left buttons were casting Chain Heal despite what the configuration was showing.
  • Macro up a “stop casting and groundshock rank 1 on the focus” button so I can do interrupts as well as heal. If I’ve pressed the button it’s because I damn well want to interrupt someone, not to be told that I can’t do that right now. This is because we had a couple of healer adds at Moroes that made life more difficult than it really needed to be.
  • Get a better idea of when Grounding Totem is useful, I was dropping Wrath of Air totem most of the time to boost the casters and healers efficiency. Plus 100 on heals is definitely nice, don’t get me wrong, but minus a few thousand on a damaging spell is even nicer.
  • I wonder if dropping Earthbind totem would help in the “chase” phase of the Big Bad Wolf, we had two shaman so we could have seriously slowed the wolf down.
  • Get a better idea of when to chug mana pots and the mana Tide totem. I was trying to restore my mana early on in the Moroes fight (at about 60-75%) so that the cooldowns on these items would be up before the end of the fight, unfortunately this meant when all my mana was removed by a spell I had nothing to fall back on leaving me healing on mp5. I suspect there’s nothing that can be done to stop this.
  • I really need to use my trinkets more often, if I don’t use them I might as well not be wearing them, particularly “Heavenly Inspiration” which doesn’t do anything on equip.
  • Interrupt my casting to drop a quick LHW on the “squishies”, they’re gone in like 5 seconds otherwise.
  • make the Combat log pick up over a wider area.
  • Don’t argue when the Lootmaster wants to give you something. What am I like!

Mistress of the Out of Combat Heal

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Woot! I got an invite into Kara with the guild last night. We got as far as downing Maiden. Another first – pictures (well charts really)!

I’m still contemplating what went on, health so that will be a follow-up post, asthma for the moment though my combat log is available in WowWebStats. As per usual since this is just my logs it’s missing any out-of-range data, bronchi so the figures are very biased. It seems to show is that Flowersz is the biz at healz, but I know that’s really because she’s Mistress of the Out of Combat Heal!

For example:


Overall Healing

But on Moroes downing the charts look like:

Moroes down

Which is much more realistic. True I died a couple of minutes before this fight was over, but third on the heals is pretty representative of all the boss fights.

More later, I’m sure.

Wednesday, 25 June, 2008

Passive verses Active

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Sue’s creative writing course stresses the use of active rather than passive to make a story more interesting. While browsing the backs of some books I found the phrase: “kick-ass heroines”, cialis and I mused on it for a bit and thought that I’d have far more respect for an ass-kicking heroine than a kick-ass one.

Monday, 23 June, 2008

Stuff to do in 60 days.

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Well, gonorrhea I dunno what I’m gonna do in WoW, pancreatitis but since I’ve still got 60 days paid up I might just go on a levelling frenzy with my 23 Druid. Sorry Flowersz, viagra I’m missing you already, but you’re just not wanted.

Assuming 12 hours (as if!) playtime a week I’ve got about 4 days /played to work with. I’m going to stop time wasting on things like the AH/Skinning/Leatherworking/Fishing, twink with the (comparatively) oodles of gold my alts have, and follow the powerleveling guides like they’re the WORD (except for STV, /spit, which I’ve never done and don’t intend to). I can already kill orange mobs, so I should be able to plough through green quests like the proverbial whatever-it-is-that-ploughs ploughs through whatever-it-ploughs-through.

Then, if I’m having fun, I’ll have a toon that can TANK, TANKIE, TANK. Sure, not the best tank in the game, but there are so few on Darkspear I’ll be in high demand and will be able to pick and chose. I’ll be beating them off with a stick, mwah ha haa!!!! At least until those bloody death knights turn up!

[Walks away from the computer muttering to himself]

I came that close to quitting this weekend.

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I came that close to quitting this weekend. Several things seemed to come to a head:

It seems there’s a surfeit of healers on Darkspear, viagra 40mg on the “Looking For Group” interface, viagra which was particularly empty probably a third of all the players were healers of some sort and there were no tanks. So that was a few hours pretty much wasted trying to get into Shadow Labyrinth or either of the Caverns of Time dungeons.

Flowersz has leveled her Jewelcrafting to 375 (she caps out at 380 because of the +5 racial bonus), this web but most of the recipes are faction related and she needs to spend several hours grinding reputation so new recipes are not going to be available for a few weeks. I’ve been looking at the economics and only a few of the gem cuts she can do will actually make any profit at all, the most profitable is around 15g profit every couple of days. The designs are on sale for around 200 – 500 gold, and even if she bought them they would still only make about the same amount of profit so they’ll take a long time to cover the purchase cost. prospecting is a low profit game, Auctioneer thinks I’ll make about 25-30g from a stack of Adamantite ore that costs 22g, thats too fine a profit for me if I get an unlucky streak.

Reputation, is coming very slowly, grinding rep is too much like a job, as a resto shaman my kill rate is probably half that of a rogue, so rep is likewise slower. I’ve already got a boring job – I don’t need another one. The most fun way to get rep is probably dungeons, but that’s not working out.

I was so pissed off I even wrote a mail to my guild leader to ask what the normal proceedure was for quitting.

Today I’m a little calmer. If there’s no tanks, then I’ll role one myself! Flowerz, the druid, should do.

Sunday, 22 June, 2008

Sorry, wasn’t clear

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Sorry, store wasn’t clear in my last post.

I was referring to this previous entry on the players demanding that healers have run end game raids before being allowed into lower level instances With a Catch 22 situation developing.

It happened again

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In LFG for, prothesis well anything really, geriatrician I picked a dungeon and whispered the leader, global burden of disease pointed out I only had +800 heal (actualy I have +900 but that’s beside the point), and got told I needed more than 1000. And it  wasn’t even a heroic (or MrT)!

I feel a little miffed that I topped up with my 60 day card rather than giving it to the guild and quitting!

Why am I cheesed off, 2 hours in LFG with no group, on a Sunday afternoon, on a decent population server, that’s why.

Friday, 20 June, 2008


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I had to share this.

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