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Monday, 2 June, 2008

Quiet weekend and my first comment!

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It was a quiet weekend, prothesis despite playing for an awful lot of Sunday.

Flowersz has finally reached 300 jewelcrafting and can now cut gems. I don’t expect to make any money from this at first, orthopedist but it’s still a milestone. Flowersz also put herself on LFG for a Shadow Labs run, seek but unfortunately nothing came of it. I guess this isn’t a much liked instance. So instead, she did some of the daily quests. They’re quite easy and a real money earner – I think they probably remade all the money Flowersz has spent on leveling Jewelcrafting. I can see them getting boring eventually, earning money is what I do in real life and I’m not keen on having to do it in my playtime.

Spent a little time leveling the Druid alt, she’s now level 18 and will probably be looking to do Deadmines soon – not my favorite instance, I’ve had several bad experiences in here, maybe I’ll finally get a good run.

Tonight there’s a Zul’Gurub guild raid with a mix of 70’s and lower levels. Hopefully it will come together, if it does it will be my first experience of raiding. I’ve already parked my level 60 (Szar) at the meeting stone to help with summons if needed, even though I’ll be going in on Flowersz. I’ leaving work early and won’t be seeing the horses tonight just so I can be there on time – that’s how keen I am!

On the Guild front, the Karazahn raiding scene has gone completely silent! I’m hoping a newbie group will get started in a while, there’s an increasing number of new level 70’s in the guild. I think Flowersz is probably just about well enough geared to face the first boss if the rest of the raid is up to it, and there’s always the possibility that there’ll be some Resto Shaman Loot.

Too Many Annas has some Resto shaman specific notes on the Karazahn bosses, you can be sure I’ll be studying them. Class specific notes on dungeons are quite hard to find, and Resto Shaman seem particularly under represented in the blogosphere.

On a different note, I’ve had my first real comment on this blog, from my guild leader! Thanks Brast.

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