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Tuesday, 3 June, 2008

Reign of Chaos in Zul’Gurub

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Well the Munqui raid on Zul’Gurub actually went ahead. And despite the sub-10 signup we ended up with 17 players, adiposity mostly level 70.

As expected, more about  for a seriously casual raid,  it took almost an hour to actually get everyone together. I’m not surprised, LFG usually takes half an hour just to get 5 people in the same place at the same time. We had 1 shaman (me), 1 shadow preist, 1 Warrior, 1 Warlock, 2 mages, 4 Druids and 5 Rogues. No paladins. I might have been the only player dedicated to healing.

We went in with only one plan – KICK BUTT. Total chaos reigned. Buffs were not applied. I expected no less. It was fun.

Unsurprisingly we didn’t finish the instance, we downed 6 bosses in about 2 hours. Little Flowersz was responsible for about half of the heals in the boss fights, spamming Chain Heal until she ran out of mana, dropping a Mana Tide totem and healing a bit more. I’m guessing that the real heals percentage is probably quite a bit less because players may well have been out of range of the combat log, still, not shabby. The in-game recount logs had me at 60-70% healing with the next highest at 13% which is very flattering, though unlikely. Heres’ some more mindless statistics: Heals Per Second=674, Chain heal average=1.2K close to the theoretical optimal of 1.38K. Having everyone in melee range makes Chain heal work well.

As a first raid experience goes it was a good introduction. If, of course, you accept that I actually learnt very little about real raiding. 🙂 . It was fun though, did I mention that?

I did learn to use Healbot which I installed some time ago, but haven’t used since. I play on a laptop and when healing I usually use the keyboard, cycling through party members with F2-F5 and the occasional F1(me) and F6 (focus). That simply doesn’t work with 17 players! I have recently started using a trackball instead of the useless trackpad, but it’s still slow for mouseover targetting. Healbot and trackball did the job for me, 17 individual health bars, up and down on the trackman, left click to chain heal, middle click for Lesser Heal (I think), and right click for Big Heal. Chain heal was the biggie.

Catcha later

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