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Thursday, 5 June, 2008

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The Munquis have started raiding Kara again, viagra 40mg phew. For reasons best known to the raiders in our guild they stopped for a while, but they seem to be back now.

Last night I did some helping of a fellow guildie to complete a 2 player group quest that has been hanging around on my quest log for ages. It was the middle of a long quest chain the, for me ended with Natasha’s Guardian Cord (as recommended by Matticus). While I was in the area I helped and was helped by a rogue to complete the quest. Blimey, I’ve been playing Resto too long, the rogue (level 68 mind) was, by comparison with me, simply running through the mobs and killing them in passing on her way to the next one!

Anyway, at the end of the quest chain I picked Natasha’s Guardian Cord which is a nice little neck piece, so nice that it’s actually suggested as acceptable entry level Karazahn gear by Matticus. Unfortunately some time ago I spent a bundle of money on the AH to buy an Etherium Torque of the Physician which is overall a better item, so that was a poor choice. I should have opted for an elemental shaman necklace to build up a spell damage set, I’ll be more careful next time.
Last weekend, in passing, I put Flowersz up for a heroic, Slave Pens, with a comment showing my +750 healing so no-one would be conned into taking me by accident. I later got a little friendly whisper from a guildie suggesting that +1000 heal was really required for heroics and so I removed myself from LFG.

I’ve thought a little about this, and in particular in relation to gearing up for Karazahn, you’ll see the connection in a moment. To be considered entry level Karazahn (as a resto shaman) you should have +1000 healing, which can be achieved if you follow Matticus’s gearing recommendations. But to get to that gear level as a resto shaman you need gear that can *only* be got from running heroics, or by buying phenomenally expensive enchants for gear that you know you are going to be replacing, or by PvPing till your brain dribbles out of your ears. Now I’m sure Blizzard didn’t design it so that you couldn’t enter a heroic/karazahn until you had entered a heroic/karazahn, so I’m thinking some of this advice must be just plain wrong.

Next time I’m LFG I’ll be including an easy heroic in my list, probably slave pens – I know it’s not the easiest heroic dungeon, but it’s the “first” that has resto shaman gear worth getting in it.

Flowersz next targets are to

  • save up and get a Living Dragonscale Helm crafted – this is allegedly a red-hot pre and early karazahn piece of kit. I think she’s probably just about got enough money to buy the materials.
  • Buy another piece of healing gear (possibly leather or cloth) or replace her stamina gems with healing gems.
  • Level up jewelcrafting a bit.

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