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Friday, 6 June, 2008


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Last night Flowersz did a little work on her jewelcrafting. I wasted a fair bit of time wasted spent flying back and forth between the bank in Shattrath and Honor Hold for recipes and a Grinding wheel. Then she did some prospecting on all the Fel Iron Ore (146) saved up for just such an occasion. That netted her quite a lot of gems including a few blue ones. I’m not sure but it looks like JC after 300 isn’t going to be such a money waster. Some of the easily purchased cuts might even make a little profit, web and she’s not even started on the huge stockpile of 167 Adamantite Ore. I’ll have to do some Auction House analysis to see which are the most “profitable” cuts for her to sell, and which ones should be used just to level up. I was surprised to see that a couple of easily purchased cuts went for more on the AH than the ones sold at Honour Hold, it seemed so easy to get them (Aldor and Netherstorm) I assumed the cut gems would be about the same price as the others.

She took the opportunity to replace all her stamina gems with +13 heal ones. This has gimped her stamina a bit which worries me a little, but does makes her +healing look more respectable. If it doesn’t work out I’ll be re-socketing with stamina again.

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