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Monday, 9 June, 2008

Living Dragonscale Helm (check)

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 11:54 am

Yup, nurse Flowersz has finally bought herself a Living Dragonscale Helm. It cost a lot! Flowersz was completely bankrupt for a while, approved she even had to sell some minor trash in order to get enough a few more silver for a sensible tip. I do hope the helm is a reasonable buy, Matticus says I won’t need to replace it for a while and since it is an “Epic”, he’s probably right. Of course wearing an Epic doesn’t actually mean I’m a better player.

It’s quite stressful handing over more than 500 gold to a complete stranger.

Being broke prompted me to start liquidizing some of the assets my neglected level 60 (dis)enchanting alt had stored up, I’m now back up to a few hundred gold. now rates my “performance” as mid heroic while my “gear score” is still firmly pre-heroic – go figure.

I’ve been playing my lowly druid alt a fair bit, having a questing alt means I now have something to do when I’m too tired, don’t have much time, or am otherwise incapable of doing anything challenging on my shammy. The druid has just hit 20 and has got cat form.

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