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Tuesday, 10 June, 2008

Void Slayer’s Tunic (check)

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 11:43 am

Last night, skincare just a little before I logged out a guildie asked for some help with “Dimensius the all Devouring” a quest that rewards with the Matticus recommended Void Slayers Tunic. So off I tootle to help. Dimensius is a tough little bugger, straight forwards, but loads of health, you do need a healer in the group. We three manned him, a 69 Pally, 70 Hunter and me. I think the pally may have died, but the fight lasted long enough that he came back. I too died but reincarnated and continued bashing away. Once again I didn’t adopt the dedicated healing role, but spent far too much time hurling lightning bolts, not my greatest moment.

Anyway, once I got it I spent a little time looking at the stats only to find that my Seer’s Ringmail Chestguard with three +13 healing gems is nearly as good, a touch less healing and a touch more Intellect and Stamina, though I prefer the look of the new piece of kit.


Void Slayer’s Tunic:

  • +31 Stamina
  • +21 Intellect
  • +88 Healing
  • +8 mp5

Seer’s Ringmail Chestguard:

  • +34 Stamina
  • +22 Intellect
  • +31 healing (+70 Healing if gemmed with 3 times +13 heal)
  • +5 mp5
  • 3 Sockets (+39 Healing)
  • +18 Spell Crit

Earthpeace Breastplate

  • +92 Healing
  • +16 mp5

So a gemmed Seer’s Ringmail Battlegear Chestguard lacks 18 healing and 3 mp5 but has 3 more stamina, 1 more Intellect and about 0.8% more spell crit. This makes it a pretty close run thing.

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