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Thursday, 19 June, 2008


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Last night’s Munqui raid on Kara went ahead, about it unfortunately Flowersz was on the standby list so no raid for her – in my guild there are 3 level 70 Restoration Shamans, hence,  I think, the standby. I believe the raid went well, I know that quite a few of the team were new in there so “Gratz” to them and I hope they got some nice upgrades.

To while away the night I put Flowersz up on LFG and worked on her Jewelcrafting a bit more. LFG got no bites, it was exceedingly quiet in there but Flowersz is now skilled up to 370. JC isn’t too bad after 299, you don’t make anything like as much of a loss on the stuff you craft to level up, and occasionally even make a reasonable profit! I do need to grind reputation now to get access to some new Designs. I’ve started working on Consortium reputation, but it’s going to take ages.

Once I’d finished with that I popped onto my Druid, leveled her up to 23 and then worked on upping her Leatherworking and cooking skills. Sold some stuff on the AH for a few gold, and of course then spent the money upgrading my gear. A fairly quiet night all in all.

P.S. This is NOT the post I was going to write this morning – never, ever post in haste!

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