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Monday, 23 June, 2008

Stuff to do in 60 days.

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Well, gonorrhea I dunno what I’m gonna do in WoW, pancreatitis but since I’ve still got 60 days paid up I might just go on a levelling frenzy with my 23 Druid. Sorry Flowersz, viagra I’m missing you already, but you’re just not wanted.

Assuming 12 hours (as if!) playtime a week I’ve got about 4 days /played to work with. I’m going to stop time wasting on things like the AH/Skinning/Leatherworking/Fishing, twink with the (comparatively) oodles of gold my alts have, and follow the powerleveling guides like they’re the WORD (except for STV, /spit, which I’ve never done and don’t intend to). I can already kill orange mobs, so I should be able to plough through green quests like the proverbial whatever-it-is-that-ploughs ploughs through whatever-it-ploughs-through.

Then, if I’m having fun, I’ll have a toon that can TANK, TANKIE, TANK. Sure, not the best tank in the game, but there are so few on Darkspear I’ll be in high demand and will be able to pick and chose. I’ll be beating them off with a stick, mwah ha haa!!!! At least until those bloody death knights turn up!

[Walks away from the computer muttering to himself]

I came that close to quitting this weekend.

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I came that close to quitting this weekend. Several things seemed to come to a head:

It seems there’s a surfeit of healers on Darkspear, viagra 40mg on the “Looking For Group” interface, viagra which was particularly empty probably a third of all the players were healers of some sort and there were no tanks. So that was a few hours pretty much wasted trying to get into Shadow Labyrinth or either of the Caverns of Time dungeons.

Flowersz has leveled her Jewelcrafting to 375 (she caps out at 380 because of the +5 racial bonus), this web but most of the recipes are faction related and she needs to spend several hours grinding reputation so new recipes are not going to be available for a few weeks. I’ve been looking at the economics and only a few of the gem cuts she can do will actually make any profit at all, the most profitable is around 15g profit every couple of days. The designs are on sale for around 200 – 500 gold, and even if she bought them they would still only make about the same amount of profit so they’ll take a long time to cover the purchase cost. prospecting is a low profit game, Auctioneer thinks I’ll make about 25-30g from a stack of Adamantite ore that costs 22g, thats too fine a profit for me if I get an unlucky streak.

Reputation, is coming very slowly, grinding rep is too much like a job, as a resto shaman my kill rate is probably half that of a rogue, so rep is likewise slower. I’ve already got a boring job – I don’t need another one. The most fun way to get rep is probably dungeons, but that’s not working out.

I was so pissed off I even wrote a mail to my guild leader to ask what the normal proceedure was for quitting.

Today I’m a little calmer. If there’s no tanks, then I’ll role one myself! Flowerz, the druid, should do.

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