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Monday, 30 June, 2008

Druid Levelling update

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This is something of a filler post, search sorry.

So I’ve been levelling my druid this weekend, decease to be honest I spent more (real world) time on this than I really really should have. Still, pancreatitis she’s half way through level 29 already. I’ve installed TourGuide and I’m following it almost completely which I wouldn’t recommend it for leveling your first character, it is definitely keeping my speed up, but really seriously detracts from the exploration aspect of the game. I’m also grouping up wherever I think I see someone on the same quest though it’s hardly creating “friends”.

The midsummer festival is not hurting my leveling, 10% extra experience from doing the “ribbon dance”, occasional huge amounts of damage from the Bonfire Blessing (I’m relighting the fires if I see they’re out), and the 3% extra crit buff from using the burning blossoms are certainly cool. Either that or Druids are overpowered. I really quite like this idea from Blizzard, it’s a bit like the “blessings” you get in outland from capturing the towers only, for once lowbies don’t have to feel left out.

All this druid work means that my resto shaman has been almost completely neglected when she should have been looking to do a dungeon or at least a few dailies. All I’ve done on her is to buy raw gems and sell the “cuts”, I’ve only got a couple of recipes and refuse to flood the market so money making is slow but steady. Strangely the money pot across all my alts is slowly leaking away somewhere, I’m not entirely sure where it’s going.

Flowersz, the Shaman, is going to bite the bullet soon and spend some money on enchants.

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