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Thursday, 19 June, 2008


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Last night’s Munqui raid on Kara went ahead, about it unfortunately Flowersz was on the standby list so no raid for her – in my guild there are 3 level 70 Restoration Shamans, hence,  I think, the standby. I believe the raid went well, I know that quite a few of the team were new in there so “Gratz” to them and I hope they got some nice upgrades.

To while away the night I put Flowersz up on LFG and worked on her Jewelcrafting a bit more. LFG got no bites, it was exceedingly quiet in there but Flowersz is now skilled up to 370. JC isn’t too bad after 299, you don’t make anything like as much of a loss on the stuff you craft to level up, and occasionally even make a reasonable profit! I do need to grind reputation now to get access to some new Designs. I’ve started working on Consortium reputation, but it’s going to take ages.

Once I’d finished with that I popped onto my Druid, leveled her up to 23 and then worked on upping her Leatherworking and cooking skills. Sold some stuff on the AH for a few gold, and of course then spent the money upgrading my gear. A fairly quiet night all in all.

P.S. This is NOT the post I was going to write this morning – never, ever post in haste!

Wednesday, 18 June, 2008

Wheeze hard-core

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There’s a raid possibly planned for tonight in the Munqui Tribe Group Calendar.

I was browsing through the attendance list and saw the following comments:

  • if theres space for a little rogue
  • Mightt be slightly late
  • If you’re desperate!
  • If my real life doesnt mess things up…
  • Will come if im not out

and a decline saying:

  • Footbie on tv

Well it made me smile when I think about just how hard-core some guilds are!

Monday, 16 June, 2008

Must do a dungeon this week

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I’ve not run a dungeon in the last couple of weeks and I really must.

Tuesday, 10 June, 2008

Void Slayer’s Tunic (check)

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Last night, skincare just a little before I logged out a guildie asked for some help with “Dimensius the all Devouring” a quest that rewards with the Matticus recommended Void Slayers Tunic. So off I tootle to help. Dimensius is a tough little bugger, straight forwards, but loads of health, you do need a healer in the group. We three manned him, a 69 Pally, 70 Hunter and me. I think the pally may have died, but the fight lasted long enough that he came back. I too died but reincarnated and continued bashing away. Once again I didn’t adopt the dedicated healing role, but spent far too much time hurling lightning bolts, not my greatest moment.

Anyway, once I got it I spent a little time looking at the stats only to find that my Seer’s Ringmail Chestguard with three +13 healing gems is nearly as good, a touch less healing and a touch more Intellect and Stamina, though I prefer the look of the new piece of kit.


Void Slayer’s Tunic:

  • +31 Stamina
  • +21 Intellect
  • +88 Healing
  • +8 mp5

Seer’s Ringmail Chestguard:

  • +34 Stamina
  • +22 Intellect
  • +31 healing (+70 Healing if gemmed with 3 times +13 heal)
  • +5 mp5
  • 3 Sockets (+39 Healing)
  • +18 Spell Crit

Earthpeace Breastplate

  • +92 Healing
  • +16 mp5

So a gemmed Seer’s Ringmail Battlegear Chestguard lacks 18 healing and 3 mp5 but has 3 more stamina, 1 more Intellect and about 0.8% more spell crit. This makes it a pretty close run thing.

Monday, 9 June, 2008

Living Dragonscale Helm (check)

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Yup, nurse Flowersz has finally bought herself a Living Dragonscale Helm. It cost a lot! Flowersz was completely bankrupt for a while, approved she even had to sell some minor trash in order to get enough a few more silver for a sensible tip. I do hope the helm is a reasonable buy, Matticus says I won’t need to replace it for a while and since it is an “Epic”, he’s probably right. Of course wearing an Epic doesn’t actually mean I’m a better player.

It’s quite stressful handing over more than 500 gold to a complete stranger.

Being broke prompted me to start liquidizing some of the assets my neglected level 60 (dis)enchanting alt had stored up, I’m now back up to a few hundred gold. now rates my “performance” as mid heroic while my “gear score” is still firmly pre-heroic – go figure.

I’ve been playing my lowly druid alt a fair bit, having a questing alt means I now have something to do when I’m too tired, don’t have much time, or am otherwise incapable of doing anything challenging on my shammy. The druid has just hit 20 and has got cat form.

Friday, 6 June, 2008


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Last night Flowersz did a little work on her jewelcrafting. I wasted a fair bit of time wasted spent flying back and forth between the bank in Shattrath and Honor Hold for recipes and a Grinding wheel. Then she did some prospecting on all the Fel Iron Ore (146) saved up for just such an occasion. That netted her quite a lot of gems including a few blue ones. I’m not sure but it looks like JC after 300 isn’t going to be such a money waster. Some of the easily purchased cuts might even make a little profit, web and she’s not even started on the huge stockpile of 167 Adamantite Ore. I’ll have to do some Auction House analysis to see which are the most “profitable” cuts for her to sell, and which ones should be used just to level up. I was surprised to see that a couple of easily purchased cuts went for more on the AH than the ones sold at Honour Hold, it seemed so easy to get them (Aldor and Netherstorm) I assumed the cut gems would be about the same price as the others.

She took the opportunity to replace all her stamina gems with +13 heal ones. This has gimped her stamina a bit which worries me a little, but does makes her +healing look more respectable. If it doesn’t work out I’ll be re-socketing with stamina again.

Thursday, 5 June, 2008

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The Munquis have started raiding Kara again, viagra 40mg phew. For reasons best known to the raiders in our guild they stopped for a while, but they seem to be back now.

Last night I did some helping of a fellow guildie to complete a 2 player group quest that has been hanging around on my quest log for ages. It was the middle of a long quest chain the, for me ended with Natasha’s Guardian Cord (as recommended by Matticus). While I was in the area I helped and was helped by a rogue to complete the quest. Blimey, I’ve been playing Resto too long, the rogue (level 68 mind) was, by comparison with me, simply running through the mobs and killing them in passing on her way to the next one!

Anyway, at the end of the quest chain I picked Natasha’s Guardian Cord which is a nice little neck piece, so nice that it’s actually suggested as acceptable entry level Karazahn gear by Matticus. Unfortunately some time ago I spent a bundle of money on the AH to buy an Etherium Torque of the Physician which is overall a better item, so that was a poor choice. I should have opted for an elemental shaman necklace to build up a spell damage set, I’ll be more careful next time.
Last weekend, in passing, I put Flowersz up for a heroic, Slave Pens, with a comment showing my +750 healing so no-one would be conned into taking me by accident. I later got a little friendly whisper from a guildie suggesting that +1000 heal was really required for heroics and so I removed myself from LFG.

I’ve thought a little about this, and in particular in relation to gearing up for Karazahn, you’ll see the connection in a moment. To be considered entry level Karazahn (as a resto shaman) you should have +1000 healing, which can be achieved if you follow Matticus’s gearing recommendations. But to get to that gear level as a resto shaman you need gear that can *only* be got from running heroics, or by buying phenomenally expensive enchants for gear that you know you are going to be replacing, or by PvPing till your brain dribbles out of your ears. Now I’m sure Blizzard didn’t design it so that you couldn’t enter a heroic/karazahn until you had entered a heroic/karazahn, so I’m thinking some of this advice must be just plain wrong.

Next time I’m LFG I’ll be including an easy heroic in my list, probably slave pens – I know it’s not the easiest heroic dungeon, but it’s the “first” that has resto shaman gear worth getting in it.

Flowersz next targets are to

  • save up and get a Living Dragonscale Helm crafted – this is allegedly a red-hot pre and early karazahn piece of kit. I think she’s probably just about got enough money to buy the materials.
  • Buy another piece of healing gear (possibly leather or cloth) or replace her stamina gems with healing gems.
  • Level up jewelcrafting a bit.

Tuesday, 3 June, 2008

Reign of Chaos in Zul’Gurub

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Well the Munqui raid on Zul’Gurub actually went ahead. And despite the sub-10 signup we ended up with 17 players, adiposity mostly level 70.

As expected, more about  for a seriously casual raid,  it took almost an hour to actually get everyone together. I’m not surprised, LFG usually takes half an hour just to get 5 people in the same place at the same time. We had 1 shaman (me), 1 shadow preist, 1 Warrior, 1 Warlock, 2 mages, 4 Druids and 5 Rogues. No paladins. I might have been the only player dedicated to healing.

We went in with only one plan – KICK BUTT. Total chaos reigned. Buffs were not applied. I expected no less. It was fun.

Unsurprisingly we didn’t finish the instance, we downed 6 bosses in about 2 hours. Little Flowersz was responsible for about half of the heals in the boss fights, spamming Chain Heal until she ran out of mana, dropping a Mana Tide totem and healing a bit more. I’m guessing that the real heals percentage is probably quite a bit less because players may well have been out of range of the combat log, still, not shabby. The in-game recount logs had me at 60-70% healing with the next highest at 13% which is very flattering, though unlikely. Heres’ some more mindless statistics: Heals Per Second=674, Chain heal average=1.2K close to the theoretical optimal of 1.38K. Having everyone in melee range makes Chain heal work well.

As a first raid experience goes it was a good introduction. If, of course, you accept that I actually learnt very little about real raiding. 🙂 . It was fun though, did I mention that?

I did learn to use Healbot which I installed some time ago, but haven’t used since. I play on a laptop and when healing I usually use the keyboard, cycling through party members with F2-F5 and the occasional F1(me) and F6 (focus). That simply doesn’t work with 17 players! I have recently started using a trackball instead of the useless trackpad, but it’s still slow for mouseover targetting. Healbot and trackball did the job for me, 17 individual health bars, up and down on the trackman, left click to chain heal, middle click for Lesser Heal (I think), and right click for Big Heal. Chain heal was the biggie.

Catcha later

Monday, 2 June, 2008

Quiet weekend and my first comment!

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It was a quiet weekend, prothesis despite playing for an awful lot of Sunday.

Flowersz has finally reached 300 jewelcrafting and can now cut gems. I don’t expect to make any money from this at first, orthopedist but it’s still a milestone. Flowersz also put herself on LFG for a Shadow Labs run, seek but unfortunately nothing came of it. I guess this isn’t a much liked instance. So instead, she did some of the daily quests. They’re quite easy and a real money earner – I think they probably remade all the money Flowersz has spent on leveling Jewelcrafting. I can see them getting boring eventually, earning money is what I do in real life and I’m not keen on having to do it in my playtime.

Spent a little time leveling the Druid alt, she’s now level 18 and will probably be looking to do Deadmines soon – not my favorite instance, I’ve had several bad experiences in here, maybe I’ll finally get a good run.

Tonight there’s a Zul’Gurub guild raid with a mix of 70’s and lower levels. Hopefully it will come together, if it does it will be my first experience of raiding. I’ve already parked my level 60 (Szar) at the meeting stone to help with summons if needed, even though I’ll be going in on Flowersz. I’ leaving work early and won’t be seeing the horses tonight just so I can be there on time – that’s how keen I am!

On the Guild front, the Karazahn raiding scene has gone completely silent! I’m hoping a newbie group will get started in a while, there’s an increasing number of new level 70’s in the guild. I think Flowersz is probably just about well enough geared to face the first boss if the rest of the raid is up to it, and there’s always the possibility that there’ll be some Resto Shaman Loot.

Too Many Annas has some Resto shaman specific notes on the Karazahn bosses, you can be sure I’ll be studying them. Class specific notes on dungeons are quite hard to find, and Resto Shaman seem particularly under represented in the blogosphere.

On a different note, I’ve had my first real comment on this blog, from my guild leader! Thanks Brast.

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