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Wednesday, 30 July, 2008

Dont wanna do that

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Should Flowersz re-spec for grinding?  I’m going to have to bite this particular bullet at some point because money making as Resto is currently very slow as is reputation grinding.

I’ll let you know when/if it happens. I can tell you that my main spec is going to continue to be Resto because I like it. I’ve leveled a caster (Warlock) up to level 60 and it really didn’t engage me quite like healing does, diet so I’m really not likely to make elemental my main spec.

Another Null post I’m afraid.


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Yeah, visit this so yesterday I stuck to my favorite toon Flowersz. The plan was to make up some of the money I accidentally spent on a piece of junk in the AH, capsule I was gonna do the cooking quest and then bugger off to do several shattered sun dailys.  Like most of my plans it didn’t really get past step one. I picked up the cooking quest, more about and tootled off to collect some warp burger bits and to kill a birdie. While Flowersz was in the right area she thought she might as well pick up the two quests in the area – collect shadow dust and feed the mini nether-ray. An hour and a bit later and I’ve finally finished, I’ve absolutely no idea where the time went!

Then I wasted yet more time trying to figure out what to do with with the off-hand fishy thing that comes in the barrel-of-fish reward from the cooking quest. It seems you can cook the useless buggers! So off to find the cooking lady in lower city and learn the three recipes she sells. Then find the spices vendor, then cook the oversized Monty Python tributes!

So result of an evenings play:

  • 3 quests
  • a final point on cooking skill.
  • learnt that it’s quite hard to kill little Flowersz, at one point there were three Arroka throwing shadow bolts at her and she didn’t even have to get out an elemental to do her dirty work for her.
  • Flowersz also discovered a good quiet out of the way spot for hunting the Warp beasties for the warp flesh.
  • About 25 gold.

Not much really for an evenings work.

Tuesday, 29 July, 2008

Back in the saddle.

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Back to work after almost an entire week doing horsey things. It’s been really nice not thinking about Work or Warcraft, hepatitis and I had a pretty good time. Also slept too much.

Back at work one and a half hours and already I’ve sworn!

And in Warcraft I logged in this morning to do a quick Auction House scan, neurologist looked at the jewelcrafting designs to see if there were any new ones worth grabbing to turn a profit, pharmacy accidentally double clicked on one I didn’t want and bugger me but Auctioneer bought it for me! At a price I didn’t want to pay! So now I’m back to severely poor again! I’m going to have to do a weeks worth of serious questing to make the money back. Damn!

Flowerz the druid is now level 37, she’s currently running at a little over 2 hours a level, and having no problems at all. I’ve managed to avoid STV again, so I’ve still not seen any quests there!

Monday, 21 July, 2008

Blizzard Authenticator

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I purchased a couple of these the other week, information pills two because although the individual authenticators aren’t expensive the P&P cost is quite high for something so small. I’ve been using it now for a few days, geriatrician so here’s my thoughts on it so far…

  • It is fairly easy to use.
  • I do keep getting it upside down though I’ve not yet managed to get a code that looks correct upside down so not too big a problem.
  • I’m happy about the extra security, story but I would like the option to bypass the password entry, in effect I now have to enter two passwords.
  • Having to use the authenticator to get access to my account page on the Blizzard site seems like more security than I really need.
  • I worry about losing the damn thing. I’m fairly mobile with my laptop and have to remember to pick it up every time I move. I’m going to have to Velcro it to the lid of my laptop.
  • It’s a little larger than I’d like. It is quite small, but also a little thick, too large to tuck into a wallet or hang permanently from a keyring.

All in all I’m reasonably happy with it, all my niggles are little ones.

I’m going to put the second authenticator up for a prize if the Munqui Tribe ever run a competition. Finding an anonymous way of getting it to the winner may be difficult, as a middle aged man I really really don’t want to know the real-life address of a guildie who just might also be quite young. Such is the state of paranoia in the UK. I’m sure something can be worked out.

You learn something new every day.

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I’ve been spending quite a bit of time lately leveling Flowerz the druid. She’s now level 36 which is still quite low when the target is 60. On the plus side though she’s leveling a little faster than any other toon I’ve played, global burden of disease so I guess being strict about time-wasting is paying off.

I hopped onto Flowersz the resto-shaman to help a guildie who wanted a healer for BM (usually Black Morass), but it turned out to be a lowish level group in Blood Furnace. I wasn’t bothered, I just wanted to do a 5-man, it feels like a long time since I last did one.  I did learn something that I didn’t think was true – an overpowered healer can still boost. I’ve always suspected that an overleveled healer wouldn’t contribute much to a group because, well, fights are about DPS and Threat aren’t they? Turns out I was wrong – for example on the last boss everyone except the warrior and Flowersz got killed by the shadow volley and mean AOE he throws out occasionally. I was expecting a wipe, but kept on healing the warrior anyway, though the fight lasted some time we managed to down the boss with only 2 men. Not much fun for the other players, but at least they got quest completions and a roll on the blue drop.

I’ve been spending a bit more time in the Guild Chat than I usually do, it’s quite active and a fun read.

Onto Duskwallow Marsh for more leveling with my druid, I’ve not been there since the new quests so it should be a little less dull. The leveling guide tells me to go to STV (another area I’ve not been to) but I don’t know – I’ve heard so many bad things about it that I’m just not going to go!

Wednesday, 16 July, 2008

Judging a book by its cover.

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Thanks to my guild I’m now sporting a varied collection of a few epics. Now I’m not sure, symptoms but recently when I’m standing by the mailbox I’ve started getting whispers asking me to heal PvP teams or Dungeons. This never happened before. Are people judging me on my clothes? They’re likely to be disappointed :-).

Tuesday, 15 July, 2008

Karazahn take 4

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Blimey, generic into the dingy old fixer-upper again already! An old boss, neuropathist Curator, stuff gets visited again and a new boss, Aran, is seen for the first time followed by a gentle game on that oversized chess board. Without our Kara veterans I’m pretty sure we’d all have been well and truly slow roasted/electrified/frozen and otherwise chewed-up and spat out. But we weren’t, we were in fact pretty victorious!

We two shotted both bosses, and I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that our Holy pally did a fantastic job, managing 40% of the healing all on his lonesome – with only 7% overheal!

Overheal is a problem for me at the moment, sure I’m not usually running out of mana, but I am getting 20% overheal despite attempting to be more conservative, (cancelling and using the Little Heal). Oddly this time I overhealed more than I have on previous visits!

I came in third on the healers list, pah – so what – I was almost aiming to come in there what with attempting to conserve mana and all.

I’m fussing about mana because the last time we met Curator we wiped and wiped again, my contribution to the wipes being running out of Mana too quickly. This time I had oodles and oodles left over as he bit the dust – just goes to show what a really nice set of Buffs some Paladins and different group make-up can bring.

Aran was more fun, the first time many of us had seen him, a mobile fight, exactly the sort I had been dreading, what with running to the sides, standing still, avoiding blizzards, and in general playing playground games. Fortunately once again our veterans came to the rescue and told us what to do… When you  are teleported to the boss, run away (no-brainer that one) – I strafed because that’s how I run away,  but other ran in a more normal way. BigWigs helped me know when to stand still if a flame wreath was incoming, so I stood still (almost didn’t need telling, though it never hurts). Avoiding the blizzard was a bit more difficult for me, I was supposed to run to our “starred” player and just follow him around (out of the way of the blizzard), but I kept finding myself either not paying attention, or on the wrong side of the room. Anyway we gotted Aran on the floor! I even wore my special “stamina” set for this fight, with buffs from apllys and warriors this gave me 10k health, a bit better than my normal sub-7k unbuffed.

Loot was won by several, I personally got two pieces:

  • Forest Wind Shoulderpads
  • Pendant of the Violet Eye

I can’t see my being a loot magnet lasting forever.

Our other Resto-Shammy got a Headdress of the High Potentate which might be the first upgrade I’ve seen him get, it was better than my helm, but far far better than his head-piece, another no-brainer for the loot-master.

Oddly we got two epic drops from the trash loot, both Inferno Waist Cord’s, both slated for sharding since we didn’t have a Mage!
I also dinged Honored with the Violet Eye last night, small blessings.

Thursday, 10 July, 2008


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I am a geek.   And I find that Warcraft brings my geekiness out quite strongly. That’s actually quite a big part of its draw for me.  I enjoy doing the research, decease finding out where I should go next, patient what attributes I should be looking for in gear, cure which of my spells have sneaky and unusual uses, the whole caboodle.

Digression #1: Did you know as a resto shaman you can dispel an allies water shield?  Cast Earth Shield on them, poof there goes their Water Shield, now cast Earth Shield on anyone else and your friendly shaman is left without their Water Shield! Sure it costs mana, but if they don’t notice, well…..

I’m also an interferer, I find it hard to resist telling some-one how to do something correctly.  This flaw in my character hasn’t been exercised in WoW until now, and a good thing too as far as I’m concerned.  I’m comfortable with the geeky side, and quite dislike myself when I interfere rather than help.

My recent upgrade to raiding has triggered both of these facets of my personality.  It’s cool to read up on what’s going to happen, though I don’t study because I’m inherently lazy.  Its OK to think about what happened and what could have been done better (at least when it’s myself).  It’s geeky but OK to look at the WowWebStats.

The interfering part though is a problem… I think I can make a suggestion on how to improve the performance of another player in our raids, not enough to swing the outcome of fights, but still an improvement.  But, and it’s a huge “but”, we’re casual (and that is super duper shiny, uttergloss) so should I do anything?  I think “no”, but the “interferer” in me is coming up with cold arguments.  The thing about cold arguments is that they’re so often just crap and rationalizations.

Digression #2 : Many, many, years ago my employer had me on half a day a week release to go to the local Polytechnic for some courses.  I can remember very little about them, except there was a lecturer that said something that stuck.  The story he told was that he wanted to do go to a funfair or somesuch with his wife, and she didn’t want to go.  So he kept asking her why and for better reasons and she kept saying that she “didn’t want to because she didn’t like them”.  So he badgered her a bit more about how illogical that was, there’s nothing to be scared of, all the usual grief we give some-one when they don’t want to do what we want.  Eventually he realized that “I don’t like to” *is* a reason that is more powerful than logic.  I’m going to say that again, because it is important, “I don’t like to” *is* a reason that is more powerful than logic.  Since then I’ve tried to remember this, and PAY ATTENTION to a very important lesson.

Back to myself.  So I think, from my massive 10 hours of raiding experience, that I know better than another player how they should be playing their class!  I really am that asshole!  At times a part of me doesn’t get that people just want to enjoy playing!

Note to self: You’re casual and loving it – Live it!

Yes, you’re right, this post doesn’t actually go anywhere!

Tuesday, 8 July, 2008

Another Kara run, and a new boss.

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We went back into Kara last night, prosthetic to pay a little visit to the Curator – One Shot! We went onto the Chess Event and again One Shot (no thanks to me! I was pretty damn useless on the chess board, mind the “battle” was almost over before I finally figured out how to move my own little pawnie!)

We didn’t do the Shade of Aran because many of our team (me included) didn’t have the 8k health that’s needed. I’ve been sacrificing Stamina lately on my upgrades to get the better heal, mp5 and intellect. I’ll take some time out this week to see if I can create a Stamina “accessory” kit for Outfitter – I’m sure I used to have over 8k health when PuGging

As for the post raid self-analysis part:

  • Be far more proactive on the Earth Shield – I really must work on a verbal announcer addon.
  • Pay more attention, a few trash pulls started while I was still in drink/post-wipe time mentality, the 3 seconds wakeup-time plus another 3 seconds casting is more than long enough to get the tank killed. It happened.
  • I actually managed to get the timing right to drink 2 mana potions in the Curator fight!
  • Fiddle with health watch to stop it bloody announcing that I’m gonna die – I hate it when some-one says “healz me” – I mustn’t do it myself.
  • Don’t bung a big heal on the pally as he’s running towards you after doing a body pull – it will all end in tears. 🙂
  • Try and figure out what to do when sharing heals on the tank with two other healers. I’m usually dropping Big Heal, but I know a lot of the time it’s just overhealing and Chain Heal doesn’t always heal for enough. I guess as long as I’m not running out of mana it’s not important – though it makes the other healers look like they’re overhealing.
  • Oh, other stuff that will occur to me during the week.


There are no webstats. Why you ask? Because it occurs to me that there’s 9 other players on display and I’ve not asked them – that’s why.

Honored with the Sha’tar

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Flowersz has finally pushed Honored with the Sha’tar, more about almost entirely by buying and turning in Mark of Sargeras until she was one point off honored. Unfortunately you cant actually get honored with turn ins, buy more about so she either had to do a Tempest keep dungeon or find a quest giving Sha’tar rep. She found a quest, sick dinged Honored, and learnt the jewelcrafting recipe for Kailies Rose a +26 heal gen which she’s put in her gloves. Then she made another one for putting in the “blue” socket, but apparently you can’t have more than one socketed! I’m not sure yet if that’s per item or per character. If it’s per character then that kinda sucks for a bind-on-create item. It’s not like the gem is anything like as groovy as some of the bind-on-create gear.

Now I remember where my gold has been going to – it’s buying the Marks of Sargeras!


Flowerz the Duid is progressing slowly, but steadily.

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