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Thursday, 3 July, 2008

Thoughts on my second Kara raid

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Yeah. I know the novelty will wear off, pill until then you’re just gonna have to suffer my self-congratulatory comments on how cool Maiden’s “Fluffy Slippers of Arse-Kicking” are.

My second ever time in Karazahn last night, steroids and once again it was quite enjoyable. Once again we downed the first four bosses. Once again I got some loot, glaucoma mail resto-shaman loot no less. Ho ho, there are definitely advantages to being the must under-geared player in the raid!

Important stuff first then:

I got some new gloves (Gloves of Centering) and a new belt (Belt of Gale Force). The belt is particularly cool for Flowersz because belt and boots are her worst items. Early Kara has some nice Resto-Shaman gear, which being mail means the priests and druids aren’t after it :-P, though the paladins might be interested, fortunately our holy pally and raid leader decided I needed it more. I turned down Signet of Unshakable Faith which went to the Priest for his off gear set.

The run didn’t start particularly well, we had several unnecessary wipes on trash before Attumen, after that though it picked up nicely.

Memorable Moments: probably my fastest ever instance death (15 seconds):

7/2 19:49:15.244  Changed Channel: [1. General - Karazhan]
7/2 19:49:24.870  [Raid] D: can someone open gate please
7/2 19:49:27.809  Your equipped items suffer a 10% durability loss.

and while Barnes is doing his “Welcome ladies and gentlemen” speech:

7/2 23:10:49.175  [Raid] V: *** takes out his winged piano and let s it drop from high altitude on the story teller

The Good and the Bad:

  • I was a little more conservative on my heals, I’m getting used to how the other healers are working and I’m not going as mad if the damage is coming in at the same rate as the others are healing. I’m assuming that what I’m seeing are the Heal over Time spells at work. This has meant I’m actually spending some time outside of the 5 second rule.
  • I’ve given up getting Healbot to do what I want and I’m now just using the default settings, it seems I just needed to practice with the middle mouse button.
  • I’m not getting Raid Warnings displayed. I’ve got to look into this.
  • My stopcasting, grounding shock macro does the job
  • I need use interrupts more often.
  • I only purged once, almost certainly not enough.
  • I forgot to pack Mana pots and had to scrounge some off a Rogue! As it happens I had exactly enough.
  • I’ve cranked my combat log settings up to maximum so the wow web stats should be more representative of the truth.


To all the raid members obviously, and particularly to the raid leader and the tank that had to stay up and talk quietly to help us with the Opera event.

Thoughts on being a new Resto Shaman Raider

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OK, health I’ve been on two raids now, so it’s time to give you my incredibly experienced thoughts on how to raid as a restoration shaman. 🙂


Not much to say on this, shamans have such a lovely restoration tree that they don’t really need to pick much outside of it.


The widely quoted “entrance” values are (before any temporary buffs): +1000 healing, +90mp5, 10% crit chance, and 6000 health, 8000 mana. Sometimes the mp5 is quoted as 90.

The +healing, mp5 and crit numbers look suspiciously round and I think they probably are.

If the rest of your raid is pretty decently geared, particularly the tank, or you’ve had a fair bit of experience together as a group I know you can get away with being 10% below these values (I was), or maybe even less. If you go in with a good attitude and don’t expect to clear everything then you’ll have fun, see something new and acquire some significant upgrades.

Personally I’m a bit paranoid about Stamina. I know I can’t stand up for long against even a trash mob, but if I’ve still got 100 health after 2 hits instead of being dead then I’ve got that much more time to run to the tanks (or drop a fire elemental totem into the fight as a last bequest).

Don’t forget to buff up with pots, food and Mana Oil.


As Resto shaman you’ve always got two jobs, fortunately one of them is really easy.


Drop totems to help your group, I don’t know if they are limited to your group’s 4 buddys, or the entire raid, so I work on the principal of helping those in my group. You can find which totem combinations to drop at plenty of other sites.

Don’t forget your grounding totem. It can be a real blessing in certain fights (and useless in others). Your raid leader will hopefully tell you when to use it, if not simply ask before each boss fight until you know. Maiden for sure.

On Boss fights drop Mana Tide fairly early once you’ve started using proper amounts of mana, you might get a chance to drop it again later on in the fight that way. Don’t, don’t forget to replace it with Mana Spring when it expires.

If you’re gonna die late-ish in a boss fight (pulled aggro) and the leader hasn’t announced a wipe drop a Fire Elemental totem. They live on after you are dead! Thats 2 minutes more assistance you can give even though you’re dead. DONT DONT DONT do this if there are any adds still under crowd control, if in doubt don’t do it.

Drop Tremor Totem on the Horsies at the start of Kara, and Big Bad Wolf in Opera.

This one’s theoretical, in The Romeo and Juliette Opera fight the two bosses need to die within 10 seconds of each other. I think if you cast Heroism in those last few seconds the increased DPS will shorten the interval between the two dying – a bit like accelerating when the traffic lights go amber so you get through before they change to red. Check this one with your raid leader.

Tank Healing:

Keep the tank topped up. You might be assigned to healing the tank, hopefully you’ll be on the off-tank because as a new raider you will have trouble single healing the main tank, single target healing is not really where shaman healing is at, though it can be done.

For me, one of the simplest things I could do is to keep refreshing Earth Shield whenever it’s down to 2 or less and I’ve got the time. Other than that it’s just Big Heal all the way, with the odd chain heal on the rest, don’t be afraid to cancel the Chain Heal and Lesser Heal if the tank’s health drops unexpectedly – you may even need Nature’s Swiftness if you’ve messed up.

Maiden specific (you can tell I’ve done this one twice) :

  • Refresh Earth Shield a few seconds before she does her stun/silence thingy, this will help the tank when no-one is healing.
  • Drop a gift of the Naruu before the silence.
  • Watch the tanks health and if it’s going down badly during the silence effect get ready to cast Natures Swiftness + big heal the instant you can.

Melee Healing:

Keep the melee standing. Basically it’s a case of keep them upright long enough for the tank to get aggro back from them. Or topping them up if they take AOE damage so the next AOE doesn’t kill them. Chain heal is your main man for this one. The priorities I’m using (after the tank) are:

  • The other healers: As a newbie healer you are probably the weakest healer in the group, better you die than one of them.
  • Mages: these seem to have low stamina and simply can’t take much beating on. You may want to drop a lesser healing wave or even natures swiftness to top them up long enough for a chain heal. They die very, very quickly.
  • Self: A little self interest is OK.
  • Priests: Priests aren’t terribly interested in stamina and so are probably the next quickest to die (not sure about this one, the only one I’ve ever played with was post-kara geared).
  • Warlocks: I’ve played a Warlock and I was pretty good at using soulstones at the drop of a hat. Also Warlocks use their health pool as an alternative mana pool so they usually have a comparatively big one (ooh err missus).
  • The rest.

Other Stuff you might find useful:

Have Fun.

Healbot seems a reasonable addon.

Deadly Boss timers gives you a nice warning on when Maiden is going to silence you, helps with planning re-casting earth shield/Gift of the Naruu

Get Headphones and listen to the voice chat. You don’t need a microphone, just the raid leader needs one of those. In fact its better if only a couple of people are talking.

Have Fun.

Lunchtime’s nearly over, I may be adding to this post/ converting it to a reference page.

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