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Tuesday, 8 July, 2008

Another Kara run, and a new boss.

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We went back into Kara last night, prosthetic to pay a little visit to the Curator – One Shot! We went onto the Chess Event and again One Shot (no thanks to me! I was pretty damn useless on the chess board, mind the “battle” was almost over before I finally figured out how to move my own little pawnie!)

We didn’t do the Shade of Aran because many of our team (me included) didn’t have the 8k health that’s needed. I’ve been sacrificing Stamina lately on my upgrades to get the better heal, mp5 and intellect. I’ll take some time out this week to see if I can create a Stamina “accessory” kit for Outfitter – I’m sure I used to have over 8k health when PuGging

As for the post raid self-analysis part:

  • Be far more proactive on the Earth Shield – I really must work on a verbal announcer addon.
  • Pay more attention, a few trash pulls started while I was still in drink/post-wipe time mentality, the 3 seconds wakeup-time plus another 3 seconds casting is more than long enough to get the tank killed. It happened.
  • I actually managed to get the timing right to drink 2 mana potions in the Curator fight!
  • Fiddle with health watch to stop it bloody announcing that I’m gonna die – I hate it when some-one says “healz me” – I mustn’t do it myself.
  • Don’t bung a big heal on the pally as he’s running towards you after doing a body pull – it will all end in tears. 🙂
  • Try and figure out what to do when sharing heals on the tank with two other healers. I’m usually dropping Big Heal, but I know a lot of the time it’s just overhealing and Chain Heal doesn’t always heal for enough. I guess as long as I’m not running out of mana it’s not important – though it makes the other healers look like they’re overhealing.
  • Oh, other stuff that will occur to me during the week.


There are no webstats. Why you ask? Because it occurs to me that there’s 9 other players on display and I’ve not asked them – that’s why.

Honored with the Sha’tar

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Flowersz has finally pushed Honored with the Sha’tar, more about almost entirely by buying and turning in Mark of Sargeras until she was one point off honored. Unfortunately you cant actually get honored with turn ins, buy more about so she either had to do a Tempest keep dungeon or find a quest giving Sha’tar rep. She found a quest, sick dinged Honored, and learnt the jewelcrafting recipe for Kailies Rose a +26 heal gen which she’s put in her gloves. Then she made another one for putting in the “blue” socket, but apparently you can’t have more than one socketed! I’m not sure yet if that’s per item or per character. If it’s per character then that kinda sucks for a bind-on-create item. It’s not like the gem is anything like as groovy as some of the bind-on-create gear.

Now I remember where my gold has been going to – it’s buying the Marks of Sargeras!


Flowerz the Duid is progressing slowly, but steadily.

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