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Thursday, 10 July, 2008


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I am a geek.   And I find that Warcraft brings my geekiness out quite strongly. That’s actually quite a big part of its draw for me.  I enjoy doing the research, decease finding out where I should go next, patient what attributes I should be looking for in gear, cure which of my spells have sneaky and unusual uses, the whole caboodle.

Digression #1: Did you know as a resto shaman you can dispel an allies water shield?  Cast Earth Shield on them, poof there goes their Water Shield, now cast Earth Shield on anyone else and your friendly shaman is left without their Water Shield! Sure it costs mana, but if they don’t notice, well…..

I’m also an interferer, I find it hard to resist telling some-one how to do something correctly.  This flaw in my character hasn’t been exercised in WoW until now, and a good thing too as far as I’m concerned.  I’m comfortable with the geeky side, and quite dislike myself when I interfere rather than help.

My recent upgrade to raiding has triggered both of these facets of my personality.  It’s cool to read up on what’s going to happen, though I don’t study because I’m inherently lazy.  Its OK to think about what happened and what could have been done better (at least when it’s myself).  It’s geeky but OK to look at the WowWebStats.

The interfering part though is a problem… I think I can make a suggestion on how to improve the performance of another player in our raids, not enough to swing the outcome of fights, but still an improvement.  But, and it’s a huge “but”, we’re casual (and that is super duper shiny, uttergloss) so should I do anything?  I think “no”, but the “interferer” in me is coming up with cold arguments.  The thing about cold arguments is that they’re so often just crap and rationalizations.

Digression #2 : Many, many, years ago my employer had me on half a day a week release to go to the local Polytechnic for some courses.  I can remember very little about them, except there was a lecturer that said something that stuck.  The story he told was that he wanted to do go to a funfair or somesuch with his wife, and she didn’t want to go.  So he kept asking her why and for better reasons and she kept saying that she “didn’t want to because she didn’t like them”.  So he badgered her a bit more about how illogical that was, there’s nothing to be scared of, all the usual grief we give some-one when they don’t want to do what we want.  Eventually he realized that “I don’t like to” *is* a reason that is more powerful than logic.  I’m going to say that again, because it is important, “I don’t like to” *is* a reason that is more powerful than logic.  Since then I’ve tried to remember this, and PAY ATTENTION to a very important lesson.

Back to myself.  So I think, from my massive 10 hours of raiding experience, that I know better than another player how they should be playing their class!  I really am that asshole!  At times a part of me doesn’t get that people just want to enjoy playing!

Note to self: You’re casual and loving it – Live it!

Yes, you’re right, this post doesn’t actually go anywhere!

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