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Monday, 21 July, 2008

Blizzard Authenticator

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 8:41 am

I purchased a couple of these the other week, information pills two because although the individual authenticators aren’t expensive the P&P cost is quite high for something so small. I’ve been using it now for a few days, geriatrician so here’s my thoughts on it so far…

  • It is fairly easy to use.
  • I do keep getting it upside down though I’ve not yet managed to get a code that looks correct upside down so not too big a problem.
  • I’m happy about the extra security, story but I would like the option to bypass the password entry, in effect I now have to enter two passwords.
  • Having to use the authenticator to get access to my account page on the Blizzard site seems like more security than I really need.
  • I worry about losing the damn thing. I’m fairly mobile with my laptop and have to remember to pick it up every time I move. I’m going to have to Velcro it to the lid of my laptop.
  • It’s a little larger than I’d like. It is quite small, but also a little thick, too large to tuck into a wallet or hang permanently from a keyring.

All in all I’m reasonably happy with it, all my niggles are little ones.

I’m going to put the second authenticator up for a prize if the Munqui Tribe ever run a competition. Finding an anonymous way of getting it to the winner may be difficult, as a middle aged man I really really don’t want to know the real-life address of a guildie who just might also be quite young. Such is the state of paranoia in the UK. I’m sure something can be worked out.

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