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Tuesday, 15 July, 2008

Karazahn take 4

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Blimey, generic into the dingy old fixer-upper again already! An old boss, neuropathist Curator, stuff gets visited again and a new boss, Aran, is seen for the first time followed by a gentle game on that oversized chess board. Without our Kara veterans I’m pretty sure we’d all have been well and truly slow roasted/electrified/frozen and otherwise chewed-up and spat out. But we weren’t, we were in fact pretty victorious!

We two shotted both bosses, and I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that our Holy pally did a fantastic job, managing 40% of the healing all on his lonesome – with only 7% overheal!

Overheal is a problem for me at the moment, sure I’m not usually running out of mana, but I am getting 20% overheal despite attempting to be more conservative, (cancelling and using the Little Heal). Oddly this time I overhealed more than I have on previous visits!

I came in third on the healers list, pah – so what – I was almost aiming to come in there what with attempting to conserve mana and all.

I’m fussing about mana because the last time we met Curator we wiped and wiped again, my contribution to the wipes being running out of Mana too quickly. This time I had oodles and oodles left over as he bit the dust – just goes to show what a really nice set of Buffs some Paladins and different group make-up can bring.

Aran was more fun, the first time many of us had seen him, a mobile fight, exactly the sort I had been dreading, what with running to the sides, standing still, avoiding blizzards, and in general playing playground games. Fortunately once again our veterans came to the rescue and told us what to do… When you  are teleported to the boss, run away (no-brainer that one) – I strafed because that’s how I run away,  but other ran in a more normal way. BigWigs helped me know when to stand still if a flame wreath was incoming, so I stood still (almost didn’t need telling, though it never hurts). Avoiding the blizzard was a bit more difficult for me, I was supposed to run to our “starred” player and just follow him around (out of the way of the blizzard), but I kept finding myself either not paying attention, or on the wrong side of the room. Anyway we gotted Aran on the floor! I even wore my special “stamina” set for this fight, with buffs from apllys and warriors this gave me 10k health, a bit better than my normal sub-7k unbuffed.

Loot was won by several, I personally got two pieces:

  • Forest Wind Shoulderpads
  • Pendant of the Violet Eye

I can’t see my being a loot magnet lasting forever.

Our other Resto-Shammy got a Headdress of the High Potentate which might be the first upgrade I’ve seen him get, it was better than my helm, but far far better than his head-piece, another no-brainer for the loot-master.

Oddly we got two epic drops from the trash loot, both Inferno Waist Cord’s, both slated for sharding since we didn’t have a Mage!
I also dinged Honored with the Violet Eye last night, small blessings.

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