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Wednesday, 30 July, 2008


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Yeah, visit this so yesterday I stuck to my favorite toon Flowersz. The plan was to make up some of the money I accidentally spent on a piece of junk in the AH, capsule I was gonna do the cooking quest and then bugger off to do several shattered sun dailys.  Like most of my plans it didn’t really get past step one. I picked up the cooking quest, more about and tootled off to collect some warp burger bits and to kill a birdie. While Flowersz was in the right area she thought she might as well pick up the two quests in the area – collect shadow dust and feed the mini nether-ray. An hour and a bit later and I’ve finally finished, I’ve absolutely no idea where the time went!

Then I wasted yet more time trying to figure out what to do with with the off-hand fishy thing that comes in the barrel-of-fish reward from the cooking quest. It seems you can cook the useless buggers! So off to find the cooking lady in lower city and learn the three recipes she sells. Then find the spices vendor, then cook the oversized Monty Python tributes!

So result of an evenings play:

  • 3 quests
  • a final point on cooking skill.
  • learnt that it’s quite hard to kill little Flowersz, at one point there were three Arroka throwing shadow bolts at her and she didn’t even have to get out an elemental to do her dirty work for her.
  • Flowersz also discovered a good quiet out of the way spot for hunting the Warp beasties for the warp flesh.
  • About 25 gold.

Not much really for an evenings work.

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