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Monday, 21 July, 2008

You learn something new every day.

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I’ve been spending quite a bit of time lately leveling Flowerz the druid. She’s now level 36 which is still quite low when the target is 60. On the plus side though she’s leveling a little faster than any other toon I’ve played, global burden of disease so I guess being strict about time-wasting is paying off.

I hopped onto Flowersz the resto-shaman to help a guildie who wanted a healer for BM (usually Black Morass), but it turned out to be a lowish level group in Blood Furnace. I wasn’t bothered, I just wanted to do a 5-man, it feels like a long time since I last did one.  I did learn something that I didn’t think was true – an overpowered healer can still boost. I’ve always suspected that an overleveled healer wouldn’t contribute much to a group because, well, fights are about DPS and Threat aren’t they? Turns out I was wrong – for example on the last boss everyone except the warrior and Flowersz got killed by the shadow volley and mean AOE he throws out occasionally. I was expecting a wipe, but kept on healing the warrior anyway, though the fight lasted some time we managed to down the boss with only 2 men. Not much fun for the other players, but at least they got quest completions and a roll on the blue drop.

I’ve been spending a bit more time in the Guild Chat than I usually do, it’s quite active and a fun read.

Onto Duskwallow Marsh for more leveling with my druid, I’ve not been there since the new quests so it should be a little less dull. The leveling guide tells me to go to STV (another area I’ve not been to) but I don’t know – I’ve heard so many bad things about it that I’m just not going to go!

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