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Tuesday, 5 August, 2008

Kara again

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Well, Flowersz did get invited into Karazhan again last night. The raid was oversubscribed with two players having to stay out and a third one would have liked to have come but forgot to sign-up. It’s a shame that this sort of thing has to happen, I understand that Blizzard don’t want 40 players rampaging through their instances (though don’t you think it would be fun occasionally?), but given that it’s quite hard to run these instances without a full raid it would have been nice if Blizz had added just a couple of extra free slots for some extra slack.

I thought that this time I’d make a bigger than usual effort to play well, and I think I did, though I’m still not feeling I’m playing at the top limit. Practice make perfect, I hope.

I wrote a macro just for this raid, a whole two lines! Basically it just casts Earth Shield on the tank every time I pressed “\”. That combined with Healbot showing me when Earth Shield was all used up meant I managed to keep the tank shielded almost continuously. I’m actually quite proud of that – continuously shielding the tank is something that’s been on my “could do better” list for a while.

On the healing performance front, well, not too shabby, Flowersz is still propping up the healing table, but the gap is getting smaller and (to me) quite acceptable. On the mana front – definitely improving, I’m getting better at using pots, Mana Tide, and the trinket I picked up on the last run. I even managed to drink two mana pots on the Curator! I did however go oom on the Moroes fight, fortunately only a couple of the adds were left so the other two healers were able to pick up the ball for me.

Goodies: I’ve now got a new Chain Heal Totem.

I’m getting a set of mental patterns for trash healing going now….

Standard Melee damage

Cast Chain Heal. (peasy easy this one)

Sudden unexpected big damage

Probably pulled aggro. Cast LHW until it looks like they’re stable (usually only need one) then Healing Wave until they stop getting beaten on. LHW because it’s “reactive”, then switch to the slower, bigger and more efficient “pro-active” heal.

Tank Damage

This usually seems to start off big and then diminishes. Pro-actively cast Healing Wave just after the pull until the Druid HOTs start to take effect then switch to Chain Heal on nearby melee getting a “bounce” on the tank to help things along.

Went Well

  • Continuous Earth Shield on the tank.
  • Getting a little better at Mana management. Then again we did have a Shadow Priest along.

Could do better

  • Downranking Healing Wave – my healing wave is seriously overhealing and I’ve just discovered how to downrank it in healbot. This should let me dump around the same amount of heal as a Lesser Healing Wave for less mana, if time isn’t an issue ofc.
  • Wasting Chain Heal on a single player. I’ve not analysed this yet, but I know a disturbing proportion of my chain heals only hit one player. I might as well dump a LHW for more speed, or a downranked Healing Wave for half a second faster and less mana. When I noticed I was doing this I started using a Healing Wave to at least make sure the player was fully topped off, which probably represents much of the overheal on this spell, must remember to downrank.

Went Poorly

  • Accidentally backed into a room body-pulling too many adds in a trash fight and wiped the Raid!
  • I lost the plot when we swapped to a Druid tank at the end, and wasn’t able to adjust to the different style of healing – I’m going to blame it on being tired but failing like this doesn’t sit well with me.

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