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Friday, 8 August, 2008

Short term gear plan.

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Right, malady so here’s my short term plan…..


  • Shadow Labyrinth – for the first Kara Key Fragment (and the Auchenai boots quest)
  • Black Morass – for the Keepers Ring of Piety quest, shop scarab of the infinite cycle
  • Heroic Slave Pens – for Wavefury Boots (although the badge boots are reputed to be the best for some time)
  • Heroic Ramparts – for OceanSong Kilt

And depending on whether I get the Wavefury Boots, ampoule and/or if I get 33 badges Treads of the Lifepath. I think I’m up to around 27 badges at the moment, so only three/four more bosses or 1 more lucky run! So perhaps I should be looking at Heroic Ramparts for the kilt.

Gaming Headsets

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The other day I thought it would be nice to buy a wireless gaming headset. So I thought, viagra dosage “I’ll get a stereo bluetooth headset”, look then I can listen to the raid leader, game music, and chat all at the same time. And what’s more I’d get to listen to music on my phone when I want to.

So I popped over to John Lewis to buy a Bluetrek ST1 advertised as “headset and dongle” on the JL website. It was £45 in John Lewis’, and £30 on the web, but I thought the extra £15 was fair enough for an extra dongle and supporting an employee owned store. Actually, it turns out, the one in John Lewis’ doesn’t come with a dongle.

It’s quite nice, not too bulky and pretty decent sound. BUT you can’t listen to stereo and use the microphone at the same time! Apparently there aren’t any headsets out there that will do this! They all switch to mono if you want to talk – and you have to press a button to do even that! It can’t be beyond the wit of man to create a headset that will work as a stereo headphones (A2DP) and simultaneously work as a normal hands free headset – all they have to do is connect on both profiles and mute the sound from the headset profile for heavens sake!

Anyway I couldn’t get the mic volume high enough to register in windows, so back it went with the official reason being that there was no dongle included.

Since I’ve returned it it has occurred to me that I can get what I want by buying a stereo headset to listen to the game sound and clip a really really cheap normal phone headset to my lapel to use as a microphone. True I’d end up with 2 separate bluetooth devices connected at the same time rather than just one, but it would at least work. I may yet do this.

Change of Tack.

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So Flowersz was subbed in to help out on a last boss fight, resuscitator Opera, thumb in the guild Kara run last night.

It’s different dynamic from being in a run from the start. The most obvious thing on joining is that the existing healers have already had time to mesh and synergise their playing, viagra 40mg work out who’s the glass cannon, how much damage the tanks can take before emergency measures need taking, all that kind of thing. Suddenly the group has to re-adjust, twice, once for the player that’s left, and again for the new player (moi).

Added to the new dynamic is that I’m “ramping-up” while, last night at least, some of the others are starting to tire making adapting to change that little bit harder.

Still we managed to down Romulo and Julianne in Opera. After a couple of wipes – one of which happened when somehow we pulled the audience!

The highlight of the evening for me was “topping” the healing in this fight! Clearly a case of still being fresh.

The other highlight was actually using “Cure Poison” (8 times successfully), a new addition to my repertoire – lest I get carried away with myself I must remember that once again I did NOT use a single Purge on Julianne!

After the fight once again I argued with the loot-master! If I keep this up they’re so gonna kick me! My thinking was that I’d only been there for a small part of the evening and didn’t really deserve anything. As it happens I lost the roll so I’m happy even if the leader wasn’t.

I think next time I see this event I’m going to drop a Fire Elemental in phase 1 or 2 of the fight, when we’re fighting the star crossed lovers individually, phase 3 is no good because damage needs careful coordinating.

So that was the raid.




I’ve also spent a little time looking at what Rest Shaman loot drops in early parts of Kara, I’ve never bothered doing this before because, well, you can’t influence what drops so why bother? That and the bad PuGs I’ve been in always seem to be signaled by some-one putting “dibs” on loot from the last boss (which have never once actually been dropped).

Anyway, back to the loot. There is a fair bit of sweet loot that’s available in Kara, but not enough to make a complete set. So there’s only so far I can improve my gear just by running Kara again and again, for that Flowersz has got to run some heroics. Which she’s not done! I’ve not run a single heroic! In fact I’ve not seen the inside of about half of the instances in Outland at all! I need to create a gear “plan” so I can upgrade some of the really rubbish pieces of  Flowersz gear, she’s still running with some Auction House greens!

That’s too many exclamation marks for one paragraph, but you get my drift.

So that’s the plan for the next week – prepare a gear plan.

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