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Monday, 11 August, 2008

Exulted with the Aldor Grind

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Flowersz spent last weekend doing her dailies, asthma this is now a lot easier than last time I tried this, I guess it’s because now she’s dressed in some Kara epics so she has more spellpower available. Anyway she’s now spent all the cash she’s earned and quite a bit more) getting to exulted with the Aldor. I can’t exactly say why I’ve done this, but now it’s done there won’t be any unknown holes in her purse. For what it’s worth it cost Flowersz a little under 1 gold for every 25 reputation or about 800 gold to get from Revered to Exulted, the same as the cost of an epic.

So that’s no dungeon runs again this weekend. Also I’ve discovered that the price of the “Treads of the Life Step” are not 33 badges, but 75! So that means she’s only halfway to getting these epic boots.

I can’t decide whether my plan for the near future should be to earn money to buy enchants, or earn money to by an epic flying mount. The mount will probably take me around 3 real-life months, enchants for everything will probably take quite a bit less than that. Given that I won’t be able to use a flying mount in the early stages of the forthcoming expansion I think I’ll concentrate on enchants, they’ll give me incremental boosts rather than nothing now and a bit boost later. I’m a “Marshamallow now” kinda guy.

On Sunday, the Munqui heavy mob managed to get together an impromptu Zul’Alaman run together, and from the initial reports before I logged out they were doing fairly well. Woo!

Kara run again tonight. If all goes well Flowersz will be seeing Illhoof for the first time.

On a much more personal note I topped up our van with petrol instead of diesel yesterday so that’s the van out of action and a fair bit of real world money to get the tank emptied! At least I noticed before turning the engine on. That put quite a damper on the day :(. Fortunately I don’t usually stay depressed for longer than a day.

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