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Tuesday, 12 August, 2008

Munqui Ideas

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So I was looking at the Munqui Tribe forums and Lewton had posted a small wish list for Blizzard. His main gripe was with the patheticly short bans players get for swearing in chat and spamming trade.

But he also said he’d like:

"Fun Guild objectives ? being able to work together as a guild to earn
gold in order to build an HQ (which would be like a chill out instance
for members of that guild), order  and then furnishing it with really great
stuff like a juke box, link  vending machine, allergy  robotic toys, guild pets,
art, guild master statue and other cool furniture."

I quite like the idea of a guild master statue as long as we can throw darts at it 🙂

Anyway, I think he’s got something here – I’d like to add the possibility of Guild Achievements that would give buffs to all the guild members for a day or so. It would tie together the recent zone-wide buffs we saw in the Summer Fire Festival and the new Achievements that are coming in the next expansion. So it would work like: any level appropriate party with more than 80% guild members (ie. 4 of 5 in a party) would earn a guild buff on clearing Deadmines for the first time. 4 of 5 means you can have a character (guild or not) who has cleared it before in the party without loosing the reward. Of course NO boosting! You could maybe scale the buff so a really low level party would give a bigger buff. Anyway you get the idea.

This would help make guilds a real part of the game rather than a social offshoot.

Idle thinking.

Goodness gracious me

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Yet another Kara progression post, mind sorry guys. (I’ll fill in the links later)

Some serious Loot dropped for Flowersz last night, more about although I didn’t do a lot of celebrating in the raid chat I am in fact pretty excited with Flowersz new gear. She got new shoulders so instead of wearing Forest Wind Shoulderpads, sales healing leather with some spirit, she is now wearing a pair of cool looking Dragon Quake Shoulderguards. Not that the black smoke look wasn’t pretty mean, but a pair of Dragon heads mounted on her shoulders is pretty cool, and it has more shaman specific itemization. I had a small feeling that I might get new shoulders soon since I had literally minutes before the raid started just put an Inscription of Faith on her old shoulders, spending money on enchants is a surefire way of making sure you get an upgrade. Ive already dumped a Greater Inscription of Faith on these new shoulders.

But, shoulders aside, the best drop came from Chess, Flowersz finally got a replacement for her somewhat worn Seer’s Ringmail Legguards, I’ve only recently decided that I needed to run Heroic Slave Pens to get an upgrade to these and before I even try once now Flowersz gets a pair of Heart Flame Leggings! And they come with sockets (2 blues and a Yellow)! So, instead of collecting the mats for Silver Spellthread (~120g) I’ve got to grind to get Golden Spellthread (~300g) and at three, at least rare quality, gems. I’ve not looked forwards to grinding this much for some time!

On the raid itself…

It was a good raid, despite wiping once on a few bosses, we were marching through the place quite quickly. Our DPS and tank seemed pretty damn good, if the raid leader said “kill the summoned add” you could be pretty confident it would be dead in short order. So, we downed Curator, Maiden, Illhoof, Arran, Chess, and Prince – 13 badges from one run. Illhoof and Prince were new bosses to Flowersz.

Arran was a disappointment for Flowersz, after dying early on to blizzard she was battle rezzed and then almost immediately got trapped by her own Sentry Totem and died again. So the party downed him on only two healers, fantastic (for them). Sentry totem is now being pulled from my list of available totems, I’ve never ever used it intentionally and I nearly always die when I accidentally drop it. I don’t use it and I don’t want it!

Flowersz once again consistently died in the trash pulls up to Curator. I’m really beginning to dislike this part of kara. Time to invest in a subtlety enchant (~350g) if only I could afford it!

As for Flowersz healing “ranking”, she is still usually propping up the other two healers, though I think the gap is closing as both her gear, and more importantly my playing, improves. I really can’t thank the Munqui Tribe enough for putting up with my noob mistakes, currently running at about one a night!

Healing percentages pulled from the WWS logs:

Maiden: 27/23/23

Curator: 39/25/20

Illhoof: 36/31/17

Arran: 40/30/Dead

Prince: 31/28/22

In defense of the low percentages Flowersz is now throttling back on the tank heals when it looks like the others have it under control, this does mean she’s very rarely running out of Mana, which is good. Overhealing is a bitch though, I’m using down-ranked Healing wave much more often and still getting outsize overhealing percentages.

Totem handling is still not good enough, Flowersz is better at spotting after they disappear, but not at pre-emptively refreshing them, time for a dig around to see what add-ons might exist to give me a better visual indication.

I didn’t bring enough Mana Pots along, after one of my many deaths on trash one of the DPS offered me a Mana Pot in trade, at first I couldn’t figure out why. Later I realized it meant the trash pulls could get started quicker without everyone waiting for me. After that I started chugging a Mana Pot immediately after being rezzed, but that meant I hadn’t brought enough and had to resort to using miscellaneous Fel Potions instead.

Grinding time for me now.

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