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Monday, 18 August, 2008

My next epic?

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 12:36 pm

I hit revered with the Shattered Sun Offensive this weekend, resuscitation a side effect of running lots of the Daily quests to get more money. This has opened up the possibility of creating a new epic trinket Figurine – Seaspray Albatross. Which grants 18 mp5 on equip and 900 mana on use (3minute cooldown). Now it needs two Seaspray Emeralds, more about 8 primal mana and some eterniunm bars. Seaspray emeralds are epic gems which drop in a dungeon well out of my reach. But the gods are similing on me because this weekend I got one from my “Brilliant Glass” at around a 1% chance that’s saved me about 250 gold!. So all I need now is to spend about 330gold more (4 more primal mana – around 80 gold and another Seaspray Emerald – 250 gold) and I can craft my own epic trinket.

Shall I make it? Or should I try to buy an enchant instead. Oh, I do so love spending money!

According to this incredible chart on “gear longevity” resto shaman are using this trinket until their +heal is over 2000, my +heal is currently at about +1200 so as a trinket goes several players think it’s pretty damn good! Unfortunately it doesn’t give any +heal.

Playing with my other epic trinket, Pendant of the Violet Eye, I can bash out about 10 Healing Wave (Rank 1) before the effect dissapears. (20 second lifespan) each spell grants 21 mp5. So taking the pessimistic attitude that it only grants on 5 second boundaries….

  • 0. HW
  • 2. HW
  • 4. HW
  • 5. proc = 3*21 = 63mana
  • 6. HW
  • 8. HW
  • 10. HW
  • 10. proc = 6*21 = 126 mana
  • 12. HW
  • 14. HW
  • 16. HW
  • 18. HW
  • 20. proc = 10*21 = 210 mana

Total mana regained = 399 mana

Total mana spent = 10*25? less a little for talents = 210 mana.

Gain: 189 mana.

So just bashing this trinket for it’s proc and not actually bothering to heal anything will give me around 200 mana. That doesn’t seem like a lot at all :(.

I’ll be doing some more testing of this trinket to change these values from “guesstimates” to “actuals”. At the moment it looks like it will provide some “side-effect” benefit while casting normal heals rather than being a cool trinket that can be used to restore a whole bunch of mana in an emergency.

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