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Wednesday, 27 August, 2008


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Whee! Last night we downed Arran, click Netherspite and Nightbane! I’ve seen Arran twice before so no biggie, rx but I’ve never even seen either dragon, this let alone downed them. /dance

So that means in two nights the Munquis downed all the (real) bosses but Illhoof and those who were present both nights earned something like 20 badges. We would have taken Illhoof out for a long walk off a short cliff but it was getting late.

Still /dancing!


The good

  • Overheal was considerably down on my usual – 15%
  • Mana wasn’t an issue, pots, mana tide and the awesome Seaspray Albatross trinket meant a couple of times I hit full mana mid fight!
  • I’m almost within 5% of the Pally Healer on the WWS meters, that’s close enough not to be embarrassing.
  • Talking totems definitely work as a good prompt, I didn’t need the prompts much, but sometimes I did, and that’s why I modded GotWood.
  • I actually managed to get out of/avoid the Charred Earth and Void Zones. Improved mobility! Could do still better though.

The bad

  • Where was that Fire Elemental?
  • Heroism was sadly missing too.

The ugly

  • I got rude at one point when I couldn’t hear the raid leader over another member of the party talking on VC
  • I swore when we downed Nightbane. “It was the excitement of the moment gov’nor

So still plenty of room for improvement.

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