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Friday, 29 August, 2008

Didn’t Quit

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A few months back I was feeling a bit down and thinking about quitting but decided to play until my time was all spent up.

I’ve just paid up for some more time, info so it doesn’t look like I’m ready to quit WoW just yet.

I can only thank my guild for changing my mind. As a result of my guild dragging me into Karazahn undergeared and underprepared I’ve not had to join LFG for months. So I’ve not had to suffer the frustration of being just another one of the three healers and two hunters looking for a PuG. That has really helped a lot, physician I don’t deal well with frustration.

I can’t say I enjoy the non-dungeoning part of WoW, the reputation grinds, the reputation grinds and of course the reputation grinds, but I’m OKish mooching along doing a few dailys, and the odd quest for money.

Talking to my girlfriend the other day I realized that playing WoW  at the level cap (outside of grouping) was really just another way to occupy my mind, more enjoyable than watching the same old repeats on telly, or reading a poorly written book, but essentially just moving wallpaper.

Stuff to do.

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OK so I’m pretty happy with casual raiding. It’s unfortunate that I can’t really schedule two nights a week without the lack of sleep affecting my work, buy information pills fortunately the guild seem OK with that. The Munqui Tribe are usually oversubscribed on the first night, here and slightly undersubscribed on the second so I can usually get a place. Actually I don’t think I’ve been turned down recently as long as I sign-up on the calendar.

I am beginning to feel like I should be doing something else, I think these are the things  I could be doing in WoW (no particular order):

  • Run all the dungeons in normal mode – there’s 7 outland dungeons I’ve never done!
  • Get my Karazahn key – just because, ya dig?
  • Do the quests in Shadowmoon Valley – truly I’ve only been there to pick up my flying mount.
  • Run at least one Heroic dungeon – again I’ve not done a single one.
  • Get the scholomance key – only one more kill to go I think.
  • PvP – yeah, well, I’ve only ever done WSG and you never know, I might learn to enjoy it.
  • Rework my UI so I can actually see the world – I’ve been playing with ALT-Z and bits of WoW look quite good when you can actually see it.
  • Become such an invaluable part of the tribe that they have to make me an officer – (laughs).
  • Take my warlock out of retirement – he’s not been out of a city since this time last year!
  • Level my druid – I’ve been keeping an eye on some of the lower level players and there might just be an opportunity to do some pair levelling in a week or so (or not).
  • get my epic mount – not gonna happen!
  • re-roll horde?

This has turned into a longer list than I expected, it’s a big game!


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Gah, sanitary what can I say about dailys that hasn’t already been said better by others? Nothing really, page but a little thing like that won’t stop me.

I’ve not run the Shattered Sun Dailys for long enough to get completely bored,  though I have fallen into a routine. With the extra damage from Flowersz healing gear I can now do around 8 dailys in an hour, after that the gold/hour ratio starts to drop off significantly. An hour isn’t too bad, it’s pretty much the length of time I have in a casual evening for playing, and it doesn’t quite drive me mad.

I’ve been doing these dailys to fund raiding and it’s quite effective at that, and as a convenient side effect I think I should hit Exulted with the SSO in another day. Then I’ll be able to buy an epic necklace from them, which will be nice.

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