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Tuesday, 26 August, 2008

Busy little weekend

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This weekend has been a busy little weekend for me. I seem to have actually achieved stuff, sovaldi nothing very important, clinic but all progression of a sort.

Firstly I got GotWood to say the type of totem that has just expired; “air”, “water” and so on. There’s no filtering so when I do a totemic recall all four elements are announced simultaneously – it makes quite a loud noise, but I can live with that for the moment especially since I don’t usually wear headphones when soloing. Hopefully this will make me as responsive to totem expiry as healbot made me sensitive to Earthshield expiry.

Then I did some more Shattered Sun grinding for money and got all the way to 500g before I started spending it! I got my gloves and bracers enchanted up adding around another +100 healing to Flowersz kit (now standing at almost exactly +1400).

And, TA DA!, I bought a Seaspray Emerald to make a Figurine – Seaspray Albatross! Epic win! An extra 18mp5 and 900 mana every 3 minutes! Flowersz is practicing using it regularly. She’s replaced her Pendant of the Violet Eye with the albatross because having two mana trinkets and no healing trinket simply doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Flowersz now has only a little more gold than my level 41 druid!

Oh yeah and talking about Flowerz the Drood, I leveled her up from 40 to 41.

A curius thing happened on Friday evening, there I was tootling around doing my SSO dailies, all solo like, as per usual, and three times I got asked if I wanted to join a group. Two Kara’s and a MrT. Looks like people are giving Flowersz the once over. Hehe, I should have gone just to teach them not to assume an epiced player is any good ;-). Still, I’ll remember that friday evening is a good day for dungeoning.

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