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Friday, 29 August, 2008

Didn’t Quit

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A few months back I was feeling a bit down and thinking about quitting but decided to play until my time was all spent up.

I’ve just paid up for some more time, info so it doesn’t look like I’m ready to quit WoW just yet.

I can only thank my guild for changing my mind. As a result of my guild dragging me into Karazahn undergeared and underprepared I’ve not had to join LFG for months. So I’ve not had to suffer the frustration of being just another one of the three healers and two hunters looking for a PuG. That has really helped a lot, physician I don’t deal well with frustration.

I can’t say I enjoy the non-dungeoning part of WoW, the reputation grinds, the reputation grinds and of course the reputation grinds, but I’m OKish mooching along doing a few dailys, and the odd quest for money.

Talking to my girlfriend the other day I realized that playing WoW  at the level cap (outside of grouping) was really just another way to occupy my mind, more enjoyable than watching the same old repeats on telly, or reading a poorly written book, but essentially just moving wallpaper.

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