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Friday, 8 August, 2008

Gaming Headsets

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The other day I thought it would be nice to buy a wireless gaming headset. So I thought, viagra dosage “I’ll get a stereo bluetooth headset”, look then I can listen to the raid leader, game music, and chat all at the same time. And what’s more I’d get to listen to music on my phone when I want to.

So I popped over to John Lewis to buy a Bluetrek ST1 advertised as “headset and dongle” on the JL website. It was £45 in John Lewis’, and £30 on the web, but I thought the extra £15 was fair enough for an extra dongle and supporting an employee owned store. Actually, it turns out, the one in John Lewis’ doesn’t come with a dongle.

It’s quite nice, not too bulky and pretty decent sound. BUT you can’t listen to stereo and use the microphone at the same time! Apparently there aren’t any headsets out there that will do this! They all switch to mono if you want to talk – and you have to press a button to do even that! It can’t be beyond the wit of man to create a headset that will work as a stereo headphones (A2DP) and simultaneously work as a normal hands free headset – all they have to do is connect on both profiles and mute the sound from the headset profile for heavens sake!

Anyway I couldn’t get the mic volume high enough to register in windows, so back it went with the official reason being that there was no dongle included.

Since I’ve returned it it has occurred to me that I can get what I want by buying a stereo headset to listen to the game sound and clip a really really cheap normal phone headset to my lapel to use as a microphone. True I’d end up with 2 separate bluetooth devices connected at the same time rather than just one, but it would at least work. I may yet do this.

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