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Tuesday, 19 August, 2008

Good run

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Kara run last night. Went well, cialis 40mg getting to be a habit. This Munqui Tribe Kara group is getting pretty good. Last night we downed 6 bosses fairly ploughing through the first ones with only one wipe and that was on Illhoof. As I’ve already said we’re getting to be a good group, it’s nice! There’s a follow up run tonight that, unfortunately, I really can’t make.

Flowersz got enough badges to get new boots replacing her crappy AH greens, and an upgrade to her bracers changing from spirit cloth to mana mail. Thanks to the advice from PlusHeal she didn’t die once on the pre-Curator trash, which is a real relief – I was beginning to dread this part of the raid. Obviously positioning isn’t the whole solution, I definitely saw a taunt go down.

The group was good, I know I’ve said that before. So good that instead of saving my re-incarnate for wipe recovery I used it twice during the night to pop-back up and continue the fight. I’ll not kid myself, there’s a fair chance that we could have won those fights anyway, and then again who can say what might have been. Special thanks to Shirtish who dropped an Innervate on me post-reincarnate which really got me back into the fight good and proper.

I only did a couple of stupid things last night, and they’re getting more minor, the worst was asking for a rezz when I was dead just inside the entrance. Another was popping a Heroism instead of Water Shield as the trash mob bit the dust. And a final one was dropping an agility totem for the bear tank when he wasn’t in my group, fortunately just on trash! Roll on WotLK when totems become raid wide.

I’ve installed GotWood which displays “candy bars” for my totems. This is placed besides the Healbot bars so it sits inside my field of view. This is definitely better, but I still occasionally missed the totems expiring, particularly on the more intense fights. Really got to work on the audible notifier.

Maybe I’m just feeling a little self-satisfied, or not really paying enough attention, but the good points:

  • I’m checking to see if the chain-heals are bouncing, and if not reverting to LHW/HW for that player.
  • I’m downranking HW more often.
  • I’m popping heroism without prompting, usually before the Raid Leader asks, but still at appropriate moments (I’d like to think).
  • On Illhoof I was mentally ready to drop the Fire Elemental just when the RL asked for it.
  • I think I even dropped an Earth Elemental once, yeah he’s just a target dummy but every little helps and if I don’t use him at all then why bother having the spell keyed up?
  • Second equal on the healing meter, though the top healer is slaughtering Flowersz – (22% vs 38%).
  • Earth Shield up nearly permanently – 20% of Flowersz healing is coming from this!

So So points:

  • I’m getting a little more situational aware, though looking up from my healbot so I can avoid cyclones etc is still a problem for me.

The bad points:

  • Overhealing, this is getting uncomfortably big.
  • Mana conservation, I’m still running out on the really long fights, see above.
  • Getting better at trinket use, but not good enough. I’ve got my head around using the mana trinket, but not the healing trinket. Mana is easy, as soon as I see I’m down a bit then I pop it, but when to use the +healing? Maybe the overhealing and mana issues are pointing me at the Seaspray Albatross JC trinket?

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