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Friday, 29 August, 2008

Stuff to do.

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OK so I’m pretty happy with casual raiding. It’s unfortunate that I can’t really schedule two nights a week without the lack of sleep affecting my work, buy information pills fortunately the guild seem OK with that. The Munqui Tribe are usually oversubscribed on the first night, here and slightly undersubscribed on the second so I can usually get a place. Actually I don’t think I’ve been turned down recently as long as I sign-up on the calendar.

I am beginning to feel like I should be doing something else, I think these are the thingsĀ  I could be doing in WoW (no particular order):

  • Run all the dungeons in normal mode – there’s 7 outland dungeons I’ve never done!
  • Get my Karazahn key – just because, ya dig?
  • Do the quests in Shadowmoon Valley – truly I’ve only been there to pick up my flying mount.
  • Run at least one Heroic dungeon – again I’ve not done a single one.
  • Get the scholomance key – only one more kill to go I think.
  • PvP – yeah, well, I’ve only ever done WSG and you never know, I might learn to enjoy it.
  • Rework my UI so I can actually see the world – I’ve been playing with ALT-Z and bits of WoW look quite good when you can actually see it.
  • Become such an invaluable part of the tribe that they have to make me an officer – (laughs).
  • Take my warlock out of retirement – he’s not been out of a city since this time last year!
  • Level my druid – I’ve been keeping an eye on some of the lower level players and there might just be an opportunity to do some pair levelling in a week or so (or not).
  • get my epic mount – not gonna happen!
  • re-roll horde?

This has turned into a longer list than I expected, it’s a big game!

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