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Sunday, 31 August, 2008

Sunday post

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Not a very original title, clinic not an original post.

This Sunday Flowersz PuGed a Heroic – Slave Pens, allegedly the easiest one. It did not go well, I bet thad that didn’t surprise you, dear reader, did it? It started to go bad at the summoning stone when our original tank got threatened with a kick because they didn’t respond to a couple of summons, in response the tank left the group (and I didn’t blame them at all even then). After a bit we got a pally tank, and started in, it wasn’t too bad, we might have wiped somewhere, but not importantly, pallys are still quite hard for Flowersz to keep upright but it was going OKish. After the first boss though it fell apart, the party got split with the leader wanting to go one way, three others going the other (more usual way) and Flowersz getting killed by a partrol. Then a wipe on an unexpected pull, another wipe on another Patrol pull, and the group disbanded with the party leader claiming we deserved it and we should all have followed him the first time.

IMHO the Group deserved worse than disbanding! Though I do think Flowersz could do a reasonable job in a Heroic if the group “gels” at least a little.

After the run I apologised to the Pally for their repair bill, and in response Jokerellone said they were adding Flowersz to their friends list. I dunno, it’s kinda weird, is Joker being genuine and really doesn’t associate me with wiping several times, or is Joker just in fact a male reacting to a female toon? I only ask because I don’t really see Flowersz performance as deserving any kind of positive response. This kind of stuff doesn’t happen if you’re a bloke. Hopefully I’m overcompensating.

After that I hijacked the healer spot on a Guild Mana tombs run which was much more fun. I’ve been an overpowered healer a few of times, and it really is (sadly) quite fun. Especially later in the run as the group starts to push their combined limits.

On the honor front, this weekend has seen Flowersz ding exulted with the Shattered Sun Offensive and the Mana tombs run pushed her over to Honored with The Consortium.

So that’s not too bad a weekends work, two reputation dings, and a little look inside a heroic dungeon.

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